Incubator Program Oversight

Programs accepted into the incubator will be subject to its financial and academic oversight until the seed loan from the Provost’s Incubator Fund is repaid and the program has been placed into a permanent academic home.

Financial Oversight

A five-year budget developed for incubator programs will include all revenues and direct costs, and the projected net-operating surplus.  Budget versus actuals will be maintained for these programs, as well as the outstanding loans and repayments for the five-year period.  Net tuition may include a discount rate for scholarships.  Direct expenses will be included in the projected budget, as well as indirect costs based on the nature of the program (e.g., on campus, online, evening, etc.).  The program net operating statement will include all direct costs including fringe benefits.

Academic Oversight

  • Each academic unit involved in the program is responsible for providing representatives to serve on a governance committee reporting to the Director of the Program Incubator to administer the program and assure academic quality.
  • Programs developed through the incubator may be administratively housed in the Graduate School (administered by the governance committee) until the program’s loan from the Provost’s Incubator Fund is repaid. At that time, a permanent administrative unit will be identified for the program.
  • All incubator programs will be reviewed annually by the Office of the Provost with the Graduate School to ensure that they are meeting academic, enrollment and financial goals.