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Moving Beyond Boundaries to Promote Inclusive Faculty Success is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the ADVANCE program and is designed to promote success for women and underrepresented minority faculty in our campus NSF-supported fields of STEM & SBE. Demographic data, climate study results, & input from focus groups were used to identify two key equity & inclusion challenges here at Marquette University: 1) Develop a culture of continuous & collaborative approaches for equitable & inclusive faculty recruiting, 2) Improve understanding & gain insight into the ways intersecting identities affect faculty experience in order to implement strategies for improving department climate. 


The broader impact of this ADVANCE project will be to create systemic institutional change that will underpin an increase in the number of women faculty & other underrepresented groups, their professional success, & the diversity of Marquette University STEM faculty. An important broader impact of the proposed project will be creation of an environment that enables all members of our STEM community to thrive, thereby enhancing the educational experience of our faculty & students & strengthening our contribution to the STEM talent pipeline. Our long-term goal is creating institutional change that will improve faculty success in all areas of campus.


Through ADVANCE we will be providing training seminars, speakers & department specific activities based on the needs & goals of each department. We will be working with & leveraging existing programs & partners at Marquette as well as other successful ADVANCE programs at institutions across the country. We have looked closely at the climate study data & what it means for your department. Funds will be made available through ADVANCE for sending faculty representatives to attend meetings where women & diverse graduate students & postdocs are presenting their work. Additionally, supplementary travel funds will be made available for faculty to attend break-out sessions & meetings focused on the promotion of women & minorities within their own discipline specific conferences.


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The ADVANCE Program at Marquette University is supported by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program award 1936148, “Moving Beyond Boundaries to Promote Inclusive Faculty Success.” Funded October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2022. No-cost extension approved through September 30, 2024.