Duo has many forms of authentication available, one of which is a hardware token. Once vetted by IT Services, the hardware token generates a 6-digit code that can be used to login to any of our systems that uses a second form of authentication. Please refer to the following steps in order to use a hardware token:

  1. Go to vpn.marquette.edu to download the Marquette VPN client. After the client has been installed, launch the VPN client and enter vpn.marquette.edu in the portal address field.
  2. When prompted for log in credentials, in the Username field, enter your Marquette username. 

    Enter your username
  3. In the Password field, enter your password followed by a comma. 
    An example of this would be: MyPassword,

    Enter your password followed by ,
  4. Next, you will go to the hardware token issued to you by IT Services and press the green button. On the screen a 6-digit code will appear. Type that 6-digit code into the password field next to what was written in the previous step.

    Press the button on the left and the number shows on the screen.
  5. Click Connect and you will be connected to Marquette VPN.
Please contact the IT Services TechSquad if you have questions.


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