Technology for Remote Learning

IT Services offers help with resources to make your remote or hybrid learning experience successful.

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Confirm you have the technology you'll need

  • Laptop or desktop computer: See the minimum specs
  • Webcam: When using Microsoft Teams at Marquette, a webcam allows you to share video. If you are bringing a laptop to campus, most newer models have a webcam already built in. Most webcams will work very well. If you need to buy a webcam, Logitech offers Teams compatible webcams. As an alternative, students can download the Teams mobile app for iOS and Android devices and use their smartphone or tablet for an online class video experience.
  • Teams Compatible Headset: There will be instances where you'll take an online class in your residence or a campus location where others will be present. IT Services recommends that students purchase a headset or headphones to enhance audio quality and reduce background noise. Most headsets or headphones will work very well. But if you plan to buy a headset, a Microsoft Teams compatible headset will ensure the call controls on the headset will function properly.
  • Network cable: While Marquette offers Wi-Fi, you may want to plug your computer directly into the campus network with a network cable to provide higher speeds. IT Services recommends buying a Cat6 Ethernet network cable that is 15 feet or longer. See below about a network adapter.
  • Network adapter: If you want to plug your laptop into the campus network with a network cable, your laptop might need a network adapter. (It's also called a network dongle.) Search online for your laptop model to find out if your laptop already has an Ethernet port to connect the network cable. If your laptop lacks an Ethernet port and you want to use a network cable, buy an Ethernet network adapter for your laptop.

Install or update software you'll need

Use Microsoft Teams for Online Class Sessions or Hybrid Classes

Visit D2L, your hub for learning and home to instructor-managed course sites 

  • D2Lalso known as Desire2Learn or Brightspace, is home to instructor-managed course sites.
  • Your instructor may use D2L course sites for the syllabus, course materials, quizzes, grades, assignments upload area, discussion boards and more.
  • If you are new to D2L, learn more about how to use D2L as a student.
  • Undergraduate students first gain access to Spring 2022 D2L course sites on Jan. 18, 2022.
  • Note that some instructors may choose to open D2L course sites sooner than Jan. 18, 2022. Or instructors may open D2L course sites later for the new start of spring 2022 classes on Jan. 24, 2022
  • If you add a spring 2022 class on or after Jan. 18, your D2L access to that new class takes up to 24 hours to process.
  • Some instructors may use the News feature on D2L course sites to announce class updates and learning expectations, whether in person or remote. Please check with your instructors on their communication methods.
  • If your instructor requires you to take a quiz or exam via online proctoring in D2L, learn how to prepare and take the online assessment.

Keep cyber secure and watch for online scams

Know how to stay network connected

  • If you encounter network troubles on campus Wi-Fi, call the IT Services TechSquad at (414) 288-7799.
  • When on campus, keep a network cable (and adapter, if needed) handy to plug into the network.
  • For students in residence halls and university apartments, see Wi-Fi Do's and Don'ts for the best network experience.
  • When off-campus, if you encounter Wi-Fi issues on your home network, try unplugging the router, waiting a few minutes, then plugging it back in. Also, clarify expectations with others who use your network. Streaming videos and online gaming on your network will compete with your remote learning needs. See tips for troubleshooting your home network. IT Services cannot troubleshoot your home network, but your Internet Service Provider can assist.

Stay informed on the latest updates

  • Check your email frequently. Email is the university’s official avenue for critical updates. 
  • Check this webpage often for new resources, opportunities and tips.
  • Read Marquette Today for important campus news.

Use the Ott Memorial Writing Center

Marquette’s Ott Memorial Writing Center is open for remote appointments. Through real-time appointments, the Ott can provide you with live interaction with a knowledgeable peer, individualized feedback and a way to structure your time on task.

More specifically, peer writing tutors in the Ott can help writers:

  • Provide some structure to your writing day. The Ott welcomes writers who would like to discuss their prompt for 5 or 10 minutes, spend some time (40-50 minutes) actually writing, then discuss what they’ve drafted. For example, if you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by the necessity of posting in lots of D2L discussion threads, this type of structure may be useful. 
  • Brainstorm ideas for drafts.
  • Revise drafts.
  • Cite your sources using various styles (including APA, MLA, Chicago and others).

The Ott provides online tutoring and other services through WCOnline.

Find out how to create an account, schedule an appointment and join a consultation.

Use remote computers for specialty software (if directed by your instructor)

Some Marquette colleges may offer remote access to speciality software. If your instructor directs you use a remote computer lab, follow these instructions.

Upload and share video projects with your instructor or Teams class site

Use Microsoft Stream to upload a video to share with your instructor. Or you can upload and share the video with your Teams class site, including the instructor.

Learn about Virtual Private Network (VPN) and if you need it

GlobalProtect VPN (Virtual Private Network) lets you reach e-resources restricted to campus while you are studying remotely.


If you have questions about technology and remote learning, please contact the IT Services TechSquad.