The Center for Teaching & Learning serves as a catalyst for promoting a culture of pedagogical excellence at Marquette University.

Rooted in Ignatian pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning, the Center for Teaching & Learning is committed to the professional development of the campus teaching community. We work with faculty to support sound pedagogical practice while respecting individual learning differences, and help all instructors create a learning environment where all teachers and learners can succeed and flourish.

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September 2020: The Center for Teaching & Learning and the Department of Digital Learning have created a new set of resource pages to support faculty and Teaching Assistants in Fall 2020. All the relevant information from the faculty support page has been updated and relocated to that new resource, along with new material.




CTL also offers 1:1 support for all faculty and Teaching Assistants to discuss any aspect of your teaching and goals. We treat every consultation as private, so please do reach out to us via email to set up an appointment.

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Upcoming Events

Self-Care AS Social Justice

April 09, 12 – 1:15PM

More to come

Preparing Future Faculty: A Productive Virtual Retreat for your Current and Future Teaching Practices

Intended Audience: All MU graduate students

Faculty video series:

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Race, Racism, Becoming an Anti-Racist
During the Summer of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, a much-needed spotlight shone on issues of race, racial inequity, economic and health disparity, police brutality and other issues impacting American citizens continuing to live on the margins.

Protests were held and voices were uplifted. But one question was consistently asked: “What can I do? I hear the urgent plead against discrimination. But what can I do?”

The CTL presents a Marquette faculty video series series on the ways in which Marquette faculty are responding to this call in their own domain.  Watch videos...



Ongoing Events

Record Club
Join us each month for a themed discussion of music, its role in our lives, its impact on society and culture, etc.

Faculty Diversity Film & Book Club

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Center for Teaching & Learning:
Submission Deadline: May 15, 2021

To be published at and for Marquette University in Fall 2021. Title: On the Vocation of the Educator in This Moment.