Gone are the days when the only things you needed to bring with you to college were pens and notebooks. Now you get to wrestle with questions about computers and networks. We hope this makes things a little easier for you.

Bringing a Computer to Campus

Plug into the Network

On-campus students receive free technical support for connecting computers to the campus network.

If you live in a residence hall or apartment, you can plug right into Marquette's fast campus network for Internet access.

Wireless Access

You can access the university's wireless network in many places throughout campus.

Keep Your Computer Running Safe and Sound

All students have access to technical assistance through the IT Services TechSquad.

Your Email

Through eMarq, Marquette's email system, your email address will follow the format of firstname.lastname@marquette.edu
We'll use the spelling of your first and last names as you provided on your application. If you have a common name, like John Smith, we'll include your middle initial in the address (john.q.smith@marquette.edu)


Use CheckMarq, Marquette’s student information system to review financial aid information, browse class schedules, view course catalog, register for classes, check grades and grade history, order books online, search student directory and view bursar account and financial aid information. Use the Guest Access feature in CheckMarq to share your username/password with parents, guardians, spouses, etc., to give them the ability to monitor financial aid and grades, as well as tuition balances and payments.

D2L eLearning

D2L is a Web-based tool that facilitates and supports online education. You can take advantage of its interactive communication with students and faculty, secure submission of assignments to professors, and online quizzes and exams.



PrintWise, Marquette's on-campus printing system, comes with a $21 allocation on your MarquetteCard for the academic year. That's enough for 300 black-and-white prints at 7 cents per page or 420 double-sided prints at 5 cents per page. Color printing is available at 50 cents per page or 40 cents for double-sided prints.

Where the Computers Are

Marquette has literally hundreds of computers — Windows PCs and Macs — all over campus for student use (click here to learn more). If you're interested in buying a new computer, check out the minimum recommendations.


Sign up for Emergency Cell Phone Notifications

Enter your cell phone number on CheckMarq and you will receive emergency notifications via your cell phone. Learn more about entering your cell phone number.


Microsoft Teams

VPN Setup

Remote Work (Faculty/Staff)

Remote Learning (Students)

Instructional Continuity

CheckMarq Student Info System

D2L E-Learning

E-Marq Mail & Calendar

Microsoft Office

Network Access & Wireless

Passwords & PINs

Safe Computing

SharePoint Collaboration


Unified Communications



Campus Downloads

Computer Labs & Smart Classrooms

Getting Hardware & Software

Help with Computers & Printers

Phones & Telecommunication

Printing at Marquette


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