The Jesuit Community at Marquette University is composed not only of Jesuits active in ministry at the university, but also some involved with ministries across Milwaukee. Jesuits active at Gesu and St. Patrick parishes, Marquette University High School, and the Apostolship of Prayer live on campus and are members of the community. Members of the community live not only in the O'Brien Jesuit Residence, but also in the Arrupe House Jesuit Community, the Gesu Parish Center and in various residence halls across campus.

Rev. Thomas S. Anderson, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-4203
Assistant Director: Campus Ministry
Lecturer: Theology

Rev. Kent A. Beausoleil, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-7189
Assistant to the Vice Presidents of Faculty
  and Student Affairs
Adjunct Professor: Education
Pastoral Minister: Schroeder Hall

Rev. Ronald R. Bieganowski, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-1956
Adjunct Associate Professor: English

Rev. William V. Blazek, S.J.

Regional Director for Canada and USA:
  Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

Rev. Ryan G. Duns, S.J.

Associate Professor: Theology

Rev. James P. Flaherty, S.J.

Gesu Parish: Pastor

Rev. Grant S. Garinger, S.J.

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Communications
Pastoral Minister: Mashuda Hall

Rev. Chris J. Krall, S.J.

Graduate Studies: Theology

Rev. Jeffrey T. LaBelle, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-7380
Assistant Professor: Education

Rev. John D. Laurance, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-3734
Emeritus Professor: Theology

Rev. Michael W. Maher, S.J.

Associate Professor: History
Pastoral Minister: Wells St. Hall

Rev. Frank A. Majka, S.J.


Rev. Timothy T. Manatt, S.J.

Office: (414) 645-7624
Pastor: St. Patrick and Our Lady
  of Guadalupe Parishes: Pastor

Rev. Michael J. Marco, S.J.

Office: (414) 933-7220
President: Marquette University High

Rev. D. Edward Mathie, S.J.

Lecturer: Theology

Rev. Thomas Mbatna Taiwe, S.J.

Doctoral Student in Education

Rev. T. Michael McNulty, S.J.

Scholar in Residence: Center for Peacemaking

Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J.

Rector: Jesuit Residence
Assistant Professor: Theology

Rev. Vincent T. Nchimunya, S.J.

Graduate Student in Communications

Rev. Aaron D. Pidel, S.J.

Assistant Professor: Theology

Rev. Joseph Puliparambil, S.J.

Francis C. Wade S.J. Chair

Rev. David G. Schultenover, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-3165
Emeritus Professor: Theology

Rev. John A. Schwantes, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-4525
Jesuit Associate Director: Office of
  Mission and Ministry

Rev. Thomas J. Schwarz, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-6344
Associate Professor: Mathematics, Statistics
   and Computer Science

Rev. John S. Thiede, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-7156
Assistant Professor: Theology

Rev. Andrew J. Thon, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-8267
Clinical Associate Professor: Education

Rev. Justin Tirkey, S.J.

Graduate Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies

Rev. Emmanuel I. Ugwejeh

Doctoral Student in Education

Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J.


Rev. Frederick P. Zagone, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-7695
Jesuit Residence: Director of Operations
Acting Vice President: Office of
  Mission and Ministry

Assistant to the Vice President: University

Pastoral Minister: Humphrey Hall

Rev. Michael J. Zeps, S.J.

Office: (414) 288-7386
Associate Professor: History
Pastoral Minister: Cobeen Hall




The Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality

The Faber Center's offerings include retreats, spiritual direction, discussion groups, days and evenings of reflection, and
other opportunities for exploring spirituality in everyday life. The center is located in Schroeder Complex, Room 111. Contact Michael Dante via e-mail or call (414) 288-4545 for more information.