Entry Level Competencies

In regard to Microbiology, Hematology, Chemistry, Body Fluids, Immunology, Immunohematology and Hemostasis, at career entry Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology students will be able to:



Define and/or Identify:

·       principles of lab procedures

·       standard operating procedures

·       sources of error in laboratory testing

·       fundamental characteristics of laboratory operations

·       safety and governmental regulations and standards as applied to the laboratory



·       procedural course of action for test


·       instruments to perform test

·       reagents for tests


·       laboratory tests

·       quality control


·       results from supplied data

·       results from obtained data

·       statistics for quality assurance

Associate and/or Correlate:

·       laboratory findings and clinical data to assess test results and procedures

·       laboratory findings and Q.C. data to assess test results and procedures

·       laboratory findings with other laboratory data to assess test results and procedures

·       patient results with reference ranges

Analyze and/or Evaluate:

·       laboratory results to also include delta checks and critical values

·       quality control results to detect errors and take corrective action if needed

·       laboratory results to correlate with health and disease states

·       method validation to assess, compare and institute appropriate testing for the laboratory

Collector or Process:

·       specimens for analysis