As our educational commitment to the student we will:

  • Educate persons who will be highly skilled in the intelligent performance of laboratory procedures.
  • Educate persons who will be qualified to work in the field of Medical Laboratory Science.
  • Provide the necessary didactic and practical education, which will enable the student to compete in the job market.
  • Educate students in principles and techniques in all areas of the laboratory and provide practice in laboratory testing so they develop confidence in their ability.
  • Provide instruction and evaluation to help the student achieve the objectives of the curriculum.
  • Provide knowledge of disease processes and the correlation of laboratory testing.
  • Provide instruction in laboratory safety, to include topics such as standard precautions and the safe handling of biological specimens.
  • Help students develop an understanding of medical and professional ethics.
  • Guide students to an understanding that the patient is the primary reason for the medical laboratory scientist and that as a professional there is a need to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the results.