About the Office of Mission and Ministry

By promoting opportunities for reflection, attentiveness and action, the office encourages faculty, staff and students to see themselves as part of a larger effort to serve the common good. We work in collaboration with the rest of the Mission and Ministry team, and all members of the Marquette University community, to assure that Marquette's commitment to faith, excellence, leadership and service is alive in every aspect of university life. The Office of Mission and Ministry works in collaboration with offices across campus in order to support their efforts in the area of mission integration and mission leadership. Our work is highly collaborative, since every office and effort on campus plays a part in realizing Marquette’s mission.

The Office of Mission and Ministry is staffed by Rev. John Thiede, S.J. (Acting Vice President), Rev. James Pribek, S.J. (Assistant Vice President), Brigid Kinsella-Alba (Assistant Director of Mission Engagement), and Rae-Ann Vanek (Administrative Assistant). We also have student interns that help support the office.

What We Do

Specifically, the Office of Mission and Ministry:

  • Introduces new members of the Marquette community to the spiritual culture, values and heritage of the University;
  • Supports faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae and trustees in their professional and personal exploration of (1) Marquette's mission, (2) faith and intellectual life, (3) Jesuit higher education, (4) Ignatian spirituality, and (5) social justice;
  • Offers individual and group opportunities for reflection, formation, and discussion about the integration of mission with one's daily life and work;
  • Facilitates conversation on Catholic intellectual life and Jesuit pedagogy through seminars, workshops, programs and grants;
  • Promotes, with others, the creation of a learning community, rooted in the university's four values of excellence, faith, leadership and service;

Partners in Mission

The following offices either have a direct or dotted line report to the Vice President of Mission and Ministry.


Marquette University's Office of Mission and Ministry aspires to expand the breadth and depth of the university community's awareness and ownership of the university's Mission, its Guiding Values and Statement of Human Dignity and Diversity.