Questions to consider before your interview at Marquette University

  • What aspects of the mission statement resonate with your experience and heighten your interest in working at Marquette?
  • Are there any parts of Marquette's mission that cause concern for you? Do you have any questions that might help clarify these concerns?
  • Can you articulate some specific ways in which Marquette's mission as a Catholic, Jesuit university might enhance and support your work with students and colleagues?
  • How have you demonstrated service to others in your previous positions? How would you plan to carry this experience forward at Marquette?
  • What is your understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Intellectual Tradition? How might you contribute to the promotion and advancement of both at Marquette?
  • Marquette University ensures academic freedom, thrives on the diversity of beliefs and cultures, and values religious freedom. What skills do you bring to working in a diverse academic environment?
  • Jesuit education stresses the care of the whole person, intellectually, physically and spiritually. How might you encourage students and colleagues to integrate these three dimensions of their lives at Marquette?