Symposium was held on April 28, 2017

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The deployment of Big Data in healthcare brings desirable opportunities to understand, prevent, and treat illness. But the sensitivity of medical data presents us with moral imperatives to respect privacy and patient rights, and to move beyond mere compliance. Marquette's second symposium on the Ethics of Big Data brings together researchers in philosophy and data science, and those working with healthcare information, to discuss how we should navigate the ethical challenges of new and powerful algorithmic solutions, in order to realize their greatest benefits to practitioners and to the public.

You are invited to attend this symposium which will look at the emerging world of Big Data with a special focus on Healthcare from perspectives of data science and philosophy.


Marquette University
April 28, 2017 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

111 Emory Clark Hall



8:00 Registration and Networking*  
8:20 Welcome Katherine Rickus - Marquette
8:30 Big Data and Respect for Persons Ryan Spellecy - Medical College of Wisconsin
9:15 Ethics of Using Big Data Samuel Volchenboum - U of Chicago
10:00 Gaps in Big Data Research Ethics Michael Zimmer - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
10:45 Interdisciplinary Exercise/Discussion on Ethics Participants, speakers, and panelists
11:30 Panel - What did we learn and Future directions Panelists
* Continental breakfast items will be available


The Ethics of Big Data II will look at the emerging world of Big Data with a special focus on Healthcare from perspectives of data science and philosophy.



Katherine Rickus



Dr. Rickus is a faculty member in the Philosophy Department at Marquette. She holds degrees in Psychology, Medicine, and Philosophy. She has cross academic appointments at Marquette and the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is a practicing clinician, specializing in Psychiatry, and a founder of the recent Initiative For Collaborative Research Across Medicine and the Humanities (ICRAMH) at Marquette. She is also one of the organizers for this symposium.


Ryan Spellecy 

Dr. Spellecy is a faculty member in Bioethics and Medical Humanities in the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, in the Institute for Health and Society at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has authored numerous articles on research ethics, informed consent, ethical issues in psychiatry, and community involvement in research.


Samuel Volchenboum

Dr. Volchenboum is Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Chief Research Informatics Officer, Director, Center for Research Informatics, and Associate Director, Institute for Translational Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine. In addition to patient care, he studies ways to harness computers to enable research and foster innovation using large data sets.


Michael Zimmer

Dr. Zimmer is the Director, Center for Information Policy Research in the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a privacy and ethics scholar he examines online privacy and ethical dimension of internet technologies.


Shion Guha Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science, Computational Social Scientist & Symposium Co-organizer, Marquette University
Dave Pahl Director data science, Northwestern Mutual
Camille Monahan Trial Attorney with the U.S. EEOC
Justin Webb Attorney, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
Jo Ann Oravec Professor, Information Technology and Supply Chain Management, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater
Randy Kirk Chief Scientist, Direct Supply


This community event is sponsored by the Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense and the Initiative For Collaborative Research Across Medicine and the Humanities (ICRAMH).

We are grateful for the support from these sponsors for their contributions to this event



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