Scooter Policy

Marquette University prohibits electric scooters (and other electric or gas-powered vehicles including, but not limited to, electric skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, electric bicycles and mopeds) on all campus property, including walkways and sidewalks within the campus. This decision was made because of safety concerns affecting the Marquette community. Please note that this prohibition does not affect the operation of electric wheelchairs or other assistive devices, or vehicles which have been approved for operation on campus by an appropriate university authority, e.g., Marquette University Police Department (MUPD), Parking Services, Office for Disability Services, Human Resources Department. MUPD will enforce this policy, and all city ordinances related to scooter (or other motor vehicle) operations, particularly the use of motorized vehicles on public sidewalks, which is strictly prohibited.

Weapons Policy

Marquette University maintains a no weapons allowed policy to the extent permitted by applicable law. The university prohibits the possession of weapons in campus buildings, including academic and office facilities, as well as in residence halls. Learn more about the Weapons Policy details.

Commissioning Agreement and Policies

Visit the Commissioning Agreement page for more information about policies pertaining to MUPD police services as established with the Attorney General and State of Wisconsin in 2015.

Use of Force Policy

Use of Force policy