The MURA Board meets as deemed necessary — usually three times per year — to provide leadership and oversight to the organization.

After soliciting input from the general membership, the board appoints the executive director and recorder. The chair of the Social Activities Committee is selected by that committee and approved by the board. Faculty and staff representatives are recommended by the board and presented to members for approval at the annual spring business meeting. Faculty and staff representatives are elected to two-year terms. The board annually elects its officers, chair and vice chair.

2021-22 Board

  • Executive Director: Gail Waring
  • Recorder: Linda Laatsch
  • Chair of the Social Activities Committee: Mary Kolar

Staff representatives

  • Ellen Blonski
  • Alex Kaleta, chair
  • John Jentz
  • Linda Lee

Faculty representatives

  • John Pustejovsky
  • Linda Milson, vice chair