Undergraduate Degree Programs

Technology is changing our world, including how we share and advance knowledge. Marquette University is committed to providing an educational experience in online undergraduate degree programs that reflects our guiding values — Excellence, Faith, Leadership and Service. Offering online undergraduate degrees gives a broader and more diverse student population greater access to the Marquette University experience.

Online Information Sessions

Learn about the fully online undergraduate Strategic Communication degree offered at the College of Communication at Marquette University. Signup to attend.

Click here for more information on the new online Strategic Communication major.

Application Process

  • Complete and submit our free Online Application
  • Upload a copy of your resume or LinkedIn profile
  • Send us an official copy of your high school or college transcripts

    If sending transcripts by email: ADEtranscripts@marquette.edu

    If sending transcripts by stamped mail:

    Marquette University
    Zilber Hall, RM 221
    P.O. Box 1881
    Milwaukee, WI 53233
    Attn: Online Learning

Admission Requirements

Marquette reviews applications holistically, which means every component of the application is considered. Historically, successful candidates for admission have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA with a 3.0 GPA in content-specific coursework and 24 or more transferable college-level credits. However, all applicants are encouraged to submit application materials and will be considered.

Program-Specific Requirements

Strategic Communication Degree Requirements  

What’s next?

Application review begins once we receive your online application and all supporting materials, including transcripts. Please note we cannot accept transcripts delivered by hand or fax.

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required of accepted students to confirm enrollment. This amount is applied to your tuition bill.


Can I transfer to Marquette to enroll in this program?

Of course! We have many students each year who transfer to Marquette to complete their degrees. An official course evaluation is completed and delivered as part of the formal transfer application process. A preliminary unofficial credit evaluation can be conducted by using Transferology.

  • Create a Transferology account at the link above (it's free).
  • Enter the school name where you plan to take or have taken a course.
  • Enter the department name of the course and select the course you have taken or plan to take. The course(s) you select will appear on the right side of your screen.
  • After you have entered all your courses, click on the green “Search for Matches” button.
  • If any "maybe" courses appear, click "Request More Information" to have your courses sent to MU Admissions and evaluated for credit.

When do courses start?

Online undergraduate courses follow an 8-week schedule. Start dates can be found below; full information is listed on the Academic Calendar.


Start Date - End date

Application Deadline

Fall 2020 Session 1
(Regular Academic Session)

08/26/20 - 12/09/2020


Fall 2020 Session 2

08/26/20 - 10/17/2020


Fall 2020 Session 3

10/19/20 - 12/12/2020


January J-Session 1*

12/14/20 - 07/23/2021


January J-Session 2*

01/04/21 - 01/23/2020


Spring 2021 Session 1**

01/25/20 - 05/15/2021


Spring 2021 Session 2**

01/25/20 - 03/13/2021


Spring 2021 Session 3**

03/15/21 - 05/15/2021


Summer 2021 Session 1***

05/17/21 - 07/03/2021


Summer 2021 Session 2***

07/12/21 - 08/21/2021


Summer 2021 Session 3

05/24/21 - 08/07/2021


Summer 2021 Session 4***

05/10/21 - 06/26/2021


Summer 2021 Session 5

06/28/21 - 08/14/2021


Summer 2021 Session 6

05/10/21 - 08/14/2021


*New students will not be admitted to the J-term session.

**Due to the unexpected circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic some dates may change.

***These Summer Session courses follow an accelerated 6-week schedule.


Tuition and Fees

Marquette is ranked 49th in Best Value Schools by U.S. News & World Report. Marquette Online offers the same programs as those taught in-person.

$750 per credit hour

Students are responsible for all fees associated with a course, and which are separate from tuition.

For information on payment options or to obtain copies of payments, please contact Marquette Central at (414) 288-4000.

Financial Aid

Students are highly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for aid from the federal government. Once you have applied for aid at Marquette University all financial aid correspondence will be sent to your eMarq email address.

Students in online programs will not be eligible for any institutional financial aid from Marquette (e.g. Père Marquette Award, Deans’ Scholarships, etc.).

Students must have a high school transcript on file with Marquette to receive federal financial aid.

For further information, including on how to apply for and understand your financial aid award, please visit:

Note: Students who do not meet all requirements may be admitted on a provisional basis. In this case, students are designated as non-degree status for a period and are therefore ineligible to receive aid at the federal level until specific requirements have been met.