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(PLEASE NOTE: D2L and Brightspace are one-in-the-same; same tool with different names.)

D2L is an interactive learning system that facilitates and supports your online course. Become familiar with  D2L and be a stronger online learner who knows where to start if they have questions.

Video Tutorials

Review the videos below to learn how to better navigate D2L.



Technical Troubleshooting

Below are some quick fixes for issues you might encounter in your online course. If the instructions below don’t solve your issue or you have additional technical questions, contact Marquette’s IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or

What browsers are supported by Marquette's e-learning environment, D2L?

Students and faculty are welcome to use their browser of choice in Marquette's e-learning environment, Desire2Learn (D2L). Note that D2L is also known as Brightspace.

Supported Browsers for D2L

  • The latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox desktop browsers.
  • Latest version of Safari for the current major version of iOS and the previous major version of iOS, and the latest version of Google Chrome on Android Lollipop (version 5.0) and above.
  • See more details about supported browsers.

Check Browser Compatibility

If you need help acquiring a supported browser, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or

What are the computer system requirements and general recommendations for my D2L course?


  • A broadband internet connection (cable modem/DSL) is strongly recommended.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium is the minimum operating system. Windows 10 is recommended.
  • Use one of the supported browsers.
  • Be sure to keep your operating system up to date by running Windows Update.


  • A broadband internet connection (cable modem/DSL) is strongly recommended.
  • macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) is the minimum operating system. macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) is recommended.
  • Use one of the supported browsers.
  • Be sure to keep your Mac up to date by applying updates found in your Mac’s App Store.

I use an older version of Microsoft Office. Will I be able to open files from newer versions?

Your best option is to upgrade Microsoft Office to the latest version. Marquette students can get Office 365, which includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, for FREEVisit the IT Services website to download it now.

I’ve logged on to Desire2Learn, but I can’t find my course.

  • Fix #1: On the D2L home page, scroll down to the "My Courses" widget. The course(s) in which you are enrolled are likely listed below the appropriate semester heading. If not, click or tap the View All Courses link to open the "all courses" menu.
  • Fix #2: Confirm you have successfully enrolled in the course by using the Student Self-Service tools in CheckMarq. You’ll need to allow 24 hours from the time you enroll in the course to access it in Desire2Learn. Note that courses in D2L are not available until the first day of classes — unless your instructor chose to grant early access.

I’m able to get into my course, but Desire2Learn is not functioning properly for me.

You may need to verify that you’re using a D2L-supported browser.

The video I’m trying to watch won’t play.

Try switching to a different supported web browser and login to D2L again to view the video. If the video does not play in your alternate browser, contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or

I can't hear the audio for a narrated PowerPoint presentation.

When you access a narrated PowerPoint in D2L, the PowerPoint displays in a web browser viewer without audio. Download the PowerPoint file to your device and use Microsoft PowerPoint to hear the audio. It is recommended you use the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint to view narrated presentations. Marquette students can get Office 365, which includes the latest version of PowerPoint, for free. Visit the IT Services website to download it now.

I’m trying to attach or upload a file and D2L won’t let me OR I’ve attached or uploaded a file to D2L, but when I click on it in D2L it won’t open, and I get an error message.

  • Fix #1: Make sure the filename doesn't have characters like slashes ("/") ampersands ("&"), question marks, quotation marks or asterisks. When naming files you intend to attach or upload to D2L, it is best to use only alpha-numeric characters, and, if necessary, underscores and dashes, as D2L does doesn’t recognize the special characters mentioned above.
  • Fix #2: Make sure the filename contains the appropriate file extension following the period (e.g., .pdf in "filename.pdf" or .docx in "filename.docx", etc.). When you initially save the file, the program will automatically add the appropriate extension to your file UNLESS you manually add a period and extension yourself (so don’t do that). The best way to ensure your file has the appropriate extension is to not use periods in your filename. Please note that your Windows or Mac may not show the filename extension, but the program is still adding it automatically behind the scenes.

I can’t open certain course documents or PDF files.

  • Fix #1: You may need to download Acrobat Reader for your computer. Some course files need Acrobat Reader to open. Acrobat Reader is a free tool that allows users to view PDF files.
  • Fix #2: You may need to allow pop-ups. Course files and documents often open in new browser windows. Your pop-up blocker may be preventing those windows from opening. See instructions for allowing pop-ups on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

A quiz I must take in D2L requires the Respondus LockDown Browser. How do I download and configure it?

When you access a quiz with the LockDown Browser enabled, the instructions screen will inform you that the LockDown Browser is required. If you are not already using this browser, you will be given a link to the Respondus site to download it for free

Please view the LockDown Browser student guide for information on how to install and use the LockDown Browser.

How do I navigate D2L using the JAWS screen reader?

Please view the following brief guide that covers:

  • Logging into D2L
  • Configuring D2L Account Settings
  • Navigation Content
  • Navigating Quizzes using the JAWS screen reader

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact the IT Services Help Desk. Generally, you will have a response the next business day. Still having difficulty? Contact Adult & Distance Education at or call (414) 288-3155.