Jeanne Zanoni

Associate Director

(414) 288-2183

Jeanne Ezzell is a Marquette University alumna with a bachelor's degree in Spanish and Business. She focuses on managing the program from an administrative level, collaborating with campus partners, evaluating and assessing our services, tutor training and the creation of leadership roles for students. 


Emily Robbins

Assistant Director

(414) 288-4251

Emily Robbins is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Master's Degree in Higher Education Leadership. She focuses on hiring and interviewing all student employees, supervising the front office student employees, coordinating the Tutor-Mentor program and assisting with program development.


Jenn Freitag

Academic Services & Tutoring Coordinator

(414) 288-4202

Jenn Freitag is a graduate of Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication.  She is currently seeking her master’s degree in Education at Marquette.  Jenn’s focus is to positively impact and coordinate the day-to-day flow in the tutoring center with any and all tasks.  Her top priority is for all who visit Room 145 to feel welcomed and supported.  She truly enjoys working with the student staff as well as helping students as they come through for tutoring services.  Furthermore, Jenn acts as a liaison with the Office of Student Educational Services (OSES) and coordinates the department services together as a whole.   


Jacob Hancock

Graduate Assistant

Jacob Hancock is a student in the Physical Therapy program at Marquette University. Jacob began as a tutor in our office in Fall of 2019, and has worked in various leadership roles within the office including Tutor Supervisor and Building Supervisor. He assists the professional staff as well as the tutors in the office. He focuses on tutor training and providing tutors with additional workshop opportunities. Jacob also assists with administrative tasks.