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Need help? We've got it!

Tutoring services, provided free of charge for Marquette students (1000-2000 level courses only), are available for a wide variety of undergraduate courses including many science, mathematics and foreign language courses.

We offer small-group tutoring ONLY. Small groups meet for one hour each week and are divided by subject/instructor. Three requests for the same subject and instructor are necessary to form a group. In addition, groups are formed based on availability of tutors and student schedules.

To sign up, come to the Coughlin Hall, Room 145, and complete a Tutor Request Form.


About Student Educational Services

The Office of Student Educational Services is committed to contributing to the positive growth and development of students as they seek to obtain academic and personal success at the university. This commitment may be expressed in three different ways:

  1. by our direct services to students;
  2. through responsive programs designed to meet student needs;
  3. by sharing with the greater campus and beyond the insights we gain from our practice.