Spring 2024 Courses

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Racine Correctional Institution (RCI)

PSYC 4740: The Narrative Self
Instructor: Dr. Ed de St. Aubin
Meets: Friday, 1-3:30pm

MANA 4010: Leadership Through Intentional Change
Instructor: Dr. Manoj Babu
Meets: Tuesday, 5:30-8pm

PHIL 4931 (special topics): Justice, Freedom and the Arts
Instructor: Dr. Theresa Tobin
Meets: Thursdays, 6-8:30pm

Community Reintegration Center (CRC)

EDPL 4931/5931: Restorative Justice in Education: History, Research, and Implementation
Instructor: Dr. Gabriel Velez
Meets: Friday, 9-11:30am

Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility (RYOC)

HIST 4135/5135: African American History
Instructor: Dr. Robert Smith
Meets: Tuesday, 5-7:30pm

Marquette Campus

CRLS 3140: Race, Crime and Punishment
Instructor: Dr. Darren Wheelock
Meets: Wednesday, 5-7:30pm

EDUC 4000: Educational Inquiry II: Advocacy & Organizing for Educational Justice
Instructor: Dr. Melissa Gibson
Meets: Tuseday, 6-8:30pm

CRLS: Surveillance, Law, and Society
Instructor: Dr. Anya Degenshein
Meets: Monday/Wednesday, 3:30-4:45pm

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