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Congratulations! You got the job! A little nervous? You should be! A lot is expected of you in your new position.  You don’t have much time to prove your value to the organization. So why not get some help right from the start? By Mary Alice Tierney, Sp '72.


Maximize your use of LinkedIn by following these simple tips- in just 20 minutes- from expert and Marquette alumnus Wayne Breitbarth, Grad '86.


Having a clear sense of the type of job you’re seeking is critical, according to Laura Kestner-Ricketts, director of the Marquette University Career Services Center. The outcome can help with better networking contacts and a better focus toward the job search. Learn more and create your own Occupational Target.


Career health- strengthen your ability to journey down a career path
Traveling down a successful career path requires the right tools. Equip yourself with these skills and qualities to establish a solid foundation.
By Brian Noviskis, Bus Ad '82

Personal finance- the impact of big purchases
Planning ahead when making a significant purchase can help prevent bigger financial burdens down the road.
By Greg Noonan, Bus Ad '83

Step back and be quiet!
Step back and be quiet! Your ability to do that may be critical to your success as a leader. A truly great leader knows the importance of having some quiet time to reflect, as Chris Lowney points out in his wonderful book, published by Loyola Press, "Pope Francis – Why He Leads the Way He Leads."
By Mary Alice Tierney, Sp '72

What a search firm looks for in executive candidate
Whether you're actively seeking employment or potentially in the future, learn about the executive search process and five tips of base line criteria Spano Pratt looks for in a typical leadership role.
By Rose Spano Ianelli,
Spano Pratt Executive Search

LinkedIn metrics and ROI: the 10 numbers you need
to track

Consider these ten metrics to help meet your LinkedIn goals. By Wayne Breitbarth, Grad '86

Articulating your transferable skills: a guide to building a functional resume
Writing a functional or combination resume can help highlight your skills. Learn how to create this new type of resume.
By Laura Kestner-Ricketts, Marquette University
Career Services

Career health
It’s YOUR career. How healthy
is it? Vibrant and growing or stagnant and slowing? Since you own it, you are fully in charge of your career’s health. By Brian Noviskis, Bus Ad '82

The easy approach to savings and finance
It's never too early to establish or adjust budgeting and financial goals. Follow these easy steps.
By Greg Noonan, Bus Ad '83

If not here, where?
If you are among the many professionals looking to pursue new jobs in 2014, there are some key questions you should consider before you make a change.
By Mary Alice Tierney, Sp '72

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