Dissertation defense schedule


Korey Connor

Program: Courseling Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Melchert

Defense Date:  August 24, 2016

Defense Time: 2:00 p..m.

Defense Location: Schroeder Complex, 177

Dissertation Title: "An Empirical Examination of a Well-Being Engine Model"


Jamie Hansen

Program: Nursing

Advisor: Dr. Marilyn Bratt

Defense Date:  August 29, 2016

Defense Time: 9:00 a..m.

Defense Location: Emory Clark Hall, 220

Dissertation Title: "Effect of Sequence of Simulated and Clinical Practicum Leaning Experiences on Clinical Competency of Nursing Students"


Shelley Bobb

Program: INPR

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Gibson

Defense Date:  August 30, 2016

Defense Time: 2:00 p..m.

Defense Location: Zilber Hall, 217

Dissertation Title: "Finding Meaning and Sensemaking in Hospital Nursing Teams: The Promise of Narrative Medicine"


Charles L. Gray

Program: Educational Policy and Leadership

Advisor: Dr. Robert Lowe

Defense Date:  September 16, 2016

Defense Time: 1:00 p..m.

Defense Location: Schroeder Complex, 113F

Dissertation Title: "In Plain Sight: Changing Representations of 'Biracial' People in Film 1903-2015"