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Doctoral Program Forms and Directions

Update: 3-27-20

When submitting your dissertation defense, please include the following in your email to gradrecords@marquette.edu.

1. Defense Videoconference Information: Going forward, all dissertation/thesis/project proposal and defense meetings be held virtually.  Please note that dissertation defenses still require a public defense, and the student will be responsible for setting up the virtual defense (Microsoft Teams and Zoom are recommended).  Note that MU IT is only providing tech support for Microsoft Teams at this time, but the student could choose to use any videoconferencing platform.

Microsoft Teams Training Guide

Don’t forget that defenses must be publicly announced, so if being done by videoconference, the announcement should include instructions detailing how to join the videoconference. 

Links to the remote login option, as well as any needed instructions regarding how to login to the defense, should be emailed to gradrecords@marquette.edu

Tips for a successful videoconference defense can be found on the dissertation defense schedule page. 

2. A PDF of your abstracted named: dissertation_abstract_lastname.pdf

3. A PDF of your dissertation defense schedule including your program, advisor name, defense date and time and name of dissertation/thesis. 


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