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Drop Courses/Withdrawal

Drop a Course (request used after close of open enrollment)

Request for Temporary Withdrawal (leave of absence)

Withdrawal from all courses and/or university

Doctoral Program Forms and Directions

Submitting your Announcement of Public Defense of the Dissertation

Update: 10-12-20

1. Create a Videoconference via Teams: Going forward, all dissertation/thesis/project proposal and defense meetings be held virtually.  Please note that dissertation defenses still require a public defense, and the student will be responsible for setting up the virtual defense through the required platform, Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams Training Guide

Tips for a successful videoconference defense can be found on the dissertation defense schedule page. 

2. NEW FORM PROCESS: Submit your approved announcement of public defense of your dissertation including a PDF of your abstract through the Docusign form.

Watch the training video

Read the training quick guide

START MY announcement of Public Defense of  Dissertation   


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