Graduate School Programs

Explore over 50 graduate programs and more than 15 types of degrees and certificates offered through the Graduate School at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

New Programs in 2019

We are excited to share new programs!  Now accepting applications for: 

Computer Science Ph.D.

Criminal Justice Data Analytics- M.S.

Sports and Exercise Analytics- M.S. 

Certificates, Masters and Doctoral Programs

 Aonline  Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) available

 Oonline  Online programs available

Tuition and application deadlines and requirements can vary for each program. Click on any of our programs below for more information or refer to the Graduate School Bulletin for more details. 

Computer Science, Math & StatisticsComputer Science, Math & Statistics

Applied Statistics- M.S.

Bioinformatics- M.S.

Computing- M.S.  Aaccelerated online Oonline online

Computer Science Ph.D.

Computational Mathematical and Statistical Sciences- M.S., Ph.D.

Math for Secondary School Teachers- M.S.

 Mental Health graduate student smiling in a classroomCounseling & Psychology

Behavior Analysis- M.S., Ph.D. 

Clinical Mental Health Counseling- M.S.

Clinical Psychology- Ph.D.

Counseling, Psychology- Ph.D.

School Counseling- M.A.

  Data Science student in a classroom looking at a laptopData Science & Analytics

Criminal Justice Data Analytics- M.S.Aaccelerated online

Data Science Certificate  accelerateOonline

Health Care Data Analytics- M.S. Aaccelerated online O

Sports and Exercise Analytics- M.S. 

Dentistry Graduate students in a dimly lit labDentistry

Dental Biomaterials- M.S.

Endodontics- M.S.

Orthodontics- M.S.

Periodontics- M.S.

Prosthodontics- M.S.

Certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, D.D.S. 

Education graduate studies teacher speaking in a classroomEducational Policy and Leadership

Educational Policy and Foundations- M.A.

Educational Administration- M.Ed.

Elementary Education- M.Ed.

Secondary Education- M.Ed.

STEM Education- M.Ed.

Student Affairs in Higher Education- M.Ed.

Educational Policy and Leadership- Ph.D.



Biomedical Engineering- M.E., M.S., Ph.D.  AacceleratedAA

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering- M.S., Ph.D.   Aonline

Electrical & Computer Engineering- M.S., Ph.D.   A

Health Care Technologies Management- M.S.

Mechanical Engineering- M.S., M.E., Ph.D. 
minorAaccelerated online

Marquette Graduate Student in Health Sciences smiling in a labHealth Sciences

Athletic Training- M.A.T.  major miAaccelerated online

Exercise and Rehabilitation Science- M.S., Ph.D.   Aaccelerated online

Physician Assistant- M.P.A.S.

Physical Therapy- D.P.T.

Speech-Language Pathology- M.S.  Aaccelerated online

Transfusion Medicine- M.S.T.M.

 History Ph.D. Student Humanities & Social Sciences

Communication- Certificate, M.A.  Aaccelerated online

English- M.A.  
Aaccelerated online
, Ph.D.

History- M.A., Ph.D.  Aaccelerated online

International Affairs- M.A.  Aaccelerated online

Languages, Literatures and Cultures- Spanish Language- M.A. Aaccelerated online

Philosophy- M.A., Ph.D.  Aaccelerated online

Political Science- M.A. Aaccelerated online

Public Service- M.A.P.S.

Religious Studies- Ph.D.

Theology- M.A., M.A.C.D. O

Eckstein Law School Building on Marquette's CampusLaw School

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Biological Sciences female student working in a labNatural Sciences

Biological Sciences- Ph.D.

Chemistry- M.S., Ph.D.  minor acceleratedAonline

Neuroscience- Interdisciplinary Ph.D. 

Nursing Students in a lab with a dummy patientNursing

Certificates- Bachelor and Post-Master's

MSN- view all specializations

DNP- view all specializations

Nursing Ph.D.

 A woman and man talking on campusCustomize Your Ph.D.

Marquette offers an interdisciplinary Ph.D. which allows the student to work with faculty from multiple departments to develop their own unique program. 

Three business graduate students talking at a table in front of a computerGraduate School of Management

Accounting- M.S.  Aaccelerated online

Accounting Analytics- M.S.

Applied Economics- M.S.  Aaccelerated 

Corporate Communication- M.A. Aaccelerated online O

Executive- MBA

Leadership- M.L.S. 

Leadership Studies- Certificate

MBA  minor Aaccelerated online  Oonline

Sports Leadership- Certificate

Supply Chain Management- M.S.  O