If you have a strong academic background and plan to enroll as a full-time student in a degree program, you may be eligible for merit-based aid in the form of scholarships, assistantships and fellowships. The university gives more than $9 million in financial support each year. Availability of merit-based aid depends upon your intended program of interest.

Applying for Merit-Based Aid

New Students: There is no additional form to apply for merit-based aid other than your application for admission. Just check the box on the Graduate School Application Form to apply for tuition scholarships, teaching or research assistantships.

Continuing Students: Complete the Financial Aid Application for Admitted Students. This form is available from the Graduate School or online.

Jesuit International Scholarship

Offers scholarships for tuition expenses to Jesuits from countries other than the United States.

Amounts: Awards typically range from 18-24 credits per year, though may vary depending upon fund availability.

Eligible Programs: All graduate programs

Requirements and Restrictions: Awards are for degree students only and do not include living stipends. Students must provide proof of financial support for their living expenses before Marquette University can issue a visa.

Application Process and Deadlines: Applicants should contact the rector of the Marquette Jesuit Community prior to February 15 for consideration for the fall semester.

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