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The Clinical and Translational Science Institute is a new regional biomedical collaboration involving clinical and translational science between Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, UW-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Children's Hospital, and Froedtert Hospital.

The CTSI collaboration will advocate, facilitate, and foster the continuum of research from bench to bedside to community practice. This effort will capitalize on the strong foundation of basic science and community outreach programs within the academic institutions of southeastern Wisconsin. Its goal is to diminish the barriers between disciplines and institutions and to encourage novel approaches to solving complex medical problems by drawing on our complementary expertise.

Each participating institution has established a “Translational Research Resources Office” to be the point-of-contact for researchers. At Marquette University, Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp, Vice Provost for Research and Innovation, is the TRRO.

CTSI Administers a Range of Research Opportunities:

  1. Grant Programs:
  2. Mentored/Clinical Translational Research Awards for Young Faculty
  3. Adjunct Status at CTSI-MCW
  4. Translational Research Units:
    • Adult TRU
    • Pediatric TRU
    • Veterans Administration TRU
    • Community TRU
    • Mobile TRU