The AHPRC is dedicated to providing the tools and education to keep the Marquette University community moving, exercising to optimize health and wellbeing.  There are many benefits to exercising including boosting the immune system, cardiovascular function, musculoskeletal and mental health. In this time of physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping active is very important for the Marquette community as we are driven to a potentially more sedentary lifestyle. Physical distancing, however, does not have to mean social disconnection!

Keep up to date and in touch with the latest ways to keep active and exercising by following the AHPRC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Each week we will challenge you to stay moving and active. Tag your friends and family, and work together, virtually, to optimize health and performance during these challenging times!

Research at the AHPRC

The Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (AHPRC) is a dedicated research space in which Marquette faculty and partners from the health care industry can collaborate on new research and cutting-edge innovation in the areas of elite athletic performance, human performance, rehabilitation, fitness data analytics, and other related disciplines.

Mission: A leading center facilitating collaborative and innovative research in athletic, healthy and clinical populations to advance knowledge and reach beyond boundaries to optimize human performance while training the next generation of basic and applied scientists.  

AHPRC Fall Seminar Series

October 15  -  Michael McCrea, PhD, ABPP (*AHPRC Highlighted Speaker*)
Concussion biomarkers: Emerging evidence from the CARE consortium 
Professor, Neurosurgery and Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin

November 5  -  Andrew Jones, PhD (*AHPRC Highlighted Speaker*)
Breaking 2: the science behind Kipchoge’s miracle marathon
Professor, Applied Physiology, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

November 12  - Sandra Hunter, PhD (*AHPRC Highlighted Speaker*)
Sex differences in performance: the power of big data
Director, AHPRC and Professor, Exercise Science, Marquette University

The AHPRC Seminar Series will regularly host performance experts from around the globe to present on their research and provide opportunities to interact and network with Marquette students, faculty, and staff. To register for these virtual events, please email research lab manager Mike Haischer (


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