Telehealth Research Community

We are launching a Telehealth Research Community (TRC) to promote collaboration across campus for all individuals interested in telehealth.

What is the Telehealth Research Community (TRC):

  • We are researchers and practitioners who are interested in understanding how Telehealth can help foster better health outcomes.
  • Our mission is to engage students, staff, faculty, and the local community in the TRC to provide an opportunity to expand and promote the usefulness and accessibility of telehealth as a tool and resource at MU and the surrounding community. 
  • Our initial goal is that participants connect around various opportunities created by the TRC including but not limited to communication about future use and direction of this innovative technology in delivering high-quality health services.

Launch Event

We are reaching out because we think the staff, students, staff, and faculty in Marquette might be interested in attending our launch event. You can take advantage of connecting with others interested in telehealth by attending this meeting.  We welcome everyone – anyone who is interested in telehealth, using telehealth, want to use telehealth, want to incorporate telehealth with students or in your research, or simply want to learn more. Please consider joining us in-person or on-line by TEAMS for our official launch event on Tuesday October 18th from 1-2pm. 

Additional Initiative Information 

Initiative Plan 

telehealth initiative plan

Submit ideas & join teams

Marquette faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit their telehealth research ideas, projects, skill sets, and interests. Those with a Marquette VPN or network access can then search through our database to find individuals or teams to join forces with.

Submit your research interests, ideas, and skill sets related to telehealth.

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Telehealth Leadership Team:

Lee Za Ong, Ph.D.

Counselor Education & Counseling Psychology 

Stacee Lerret, Ph.D.

College of Nursing 

Jaime Robb, Ph.D.

 College of Communication 


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