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Do I need to write this down?

Does this sound like you?

Let us help you out with a few reading and lecture note-taking tips. Keep in mind that note taking is an active process!

  1. Write it down! Label each day's lecture notes with the date and topics from the syllabus, the board and/or the instructor.
  2. Have a system of note taking. Record notes on one side of your page. When you take additional notes, use the opposite (blank) page to put additional information, page numbers or examples from that same topic.
  3. Stay alert. If you fade out in lecture, begin writing as soon as you're back to earth.
  4. Organize your notes. After class, fill in blanks, find answers to question marks and compare notes to the syllabus to identify important ideas/terms.

These tips should help you take more effective notes. Stop by the Coughlin Hall, Room 125, or call (414) 288-4252 to make an appointment with a professional staff member who can help you with note taking.


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