Creating closed caption videos

Department of Digital Learning — Academic Media Production Closed Captioning of Video

Marquette University has resources to assist faculty with making their video media accessible with the use of closed captioning. This is primarily through the Academic Media Production Unit.


  • Only media held on the Marquette Media Server can be Closed Captioned by our office. The first step is to provide your video file to our office. This can be easily handled with a portable media drive (e.g. thumbdrive, CD, SD card). If the file is small enough it can be sent electronically, but please call us first (see below). Narrated PowerPoint presentations that require Closed Captioning must also be converted to video first.
  • Upon receiving your material, The Academic Media Production office will process and place it on our media server system. We can then send it out for Closed Captioning. The usual time frame for applying Closed Captioning is five to six business days.
  • We will then provide you an URL link that you can use at your convenience, or with which you can post in your D2L course.

Please note that it may take up to two weeks for us to acquire, digitize and process a video for streaming, and have it Closed Captioned.

Additional Considerations

  • If you link to media on another service (YouTube, Vimeo etc.), that service will need to provide the Closed Captioning. Contact the owner of the video, and ask if Closed Captioning can be enabled for that video.
  • It is possible for us to capture video from an internet site, but copyright permission needs to be acquired first from the video owner to the Academic Media Unit that would allow us to make a local copy, and put it on our server. Only then can we send it out for Closed Cap­tioning by us.
  • If a video is a commercially production with copyright, the “Rights for Streaming” must be purchased. This applies to content that you yourself may have produced and published through a commercial studio. The Raynor Memorial Library can help with this process. To request the procurement of streaming video complete the Streaming Video Request Form.

We would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us below for information on how to transfer your video to the Academic Media Production team for Closed Captioning.

Department of Digital Learning
Academic Media Production
Raynor Memorial Libraries - R326

John Blandino
(414) 288-1567