Library Accessibility Services

Raynor Memorial Libraries is committed to making its resources, services, and facilities accessible to everyone in the Marquette community. If you require a type of assistance that is not listed below or have any questions, please stop by any service desk or call 414-288-7555.

Before You Visit

If you plan to visit Raynor Memorial Libraries and have special needs, we recommend getting in touch in advance. This will allow us to prepare any needed equipment and assure staff availability. While we often can provide assisted services on demand, there are times during open hours when staffing is at a minimum and we may be unable to provide assistance.

If you are a student, we recommend first contacting the university’s Office of Disability Services (707 Building, 707 N. 11th St., room 503; 414-288-1645 voice/TDD). Staff there will direct you to the appropriate librarians who will help you make the most of library services and resources throughout your stay at Marquette.

If you are not a Marquette student, please contact the Libraries at 414-288-7555.

Accessing the Building


Handicap parking in university lots can be arranged; inquire with Parking Services directly.


  • Entry to the building is through Raynor Library. The doors have automatic wheelchair access.
  • Security turnstiles inside the lobby have an accessible auxiliary gate.


Raynor Library: Elevators serve all floors of Raynor Library. Initial access is on the first floor. After entering the security gate turn to the right to reach the elevator bank.

Memorial Library: Most floors of Memorial Library are accessible by elevator. Elevators are located on the east and west sides of the building.

    • East elevator: Access this elevator from the circulation desk on the second floor, just past the bridge between Raynor and Memorial.
    • West elevator: Located through the stacks on the second floor. This elevator does not serve the first floor.
    • Exceptions: Memorial’s fourth-floor lower level is accessible via the east elevator only. Be sure to select the “4L” button to access the lower level of fourth floor.


Raynor Library: Restrooms are to the left of the elevators (as you face them), on all floors. All are wheelchair accessible.

Memorial Library: On the second floor, women’s and men’s restrooms are located adjacent to the circulation desk. On the remaining floors of Memorial, they are located on either side of the west elevator. Wheelchair access is available in the second-floor and basement-level restrooms.

Finding and Obtaining Resources

Finding Resources

The Libraries have a number of ways to search online for the print and electronic resources it makes available, including the catalog, MARQCAT, article databases, and research guides. Assistance with both print and electronic sources is available at the information desk on the first floor of Raynor Library. To ensure staff availability, please make arrangements prior to your visit. Information about obtaining special materials follows below.

    • Closed-captioned videos: View a quick how-to for finding closed-captioned videos in the MarqcatPlus catalog.
    • Large-print materials: If you are Marquette faculty, staff or student, and require large-print materials that are not owned by the Libraries, you may request them using our online interlibrary loan system or by contacting the interlibrary loan office, 414-288-7257.

Shelf Access

Wheelchairs cannot be accommodated in many shelving aisles. If physical challenges prevent you from retrieving needed materials, please ask at the Raynor Library Services Desk (first floor). Alternatively, individuals with a Marquette ID can use the online catalog to place holds on desired items; items requested in this way will be available for pickup at the Raynor Circulation desk.

Accessing Equipment

Computer stations: Many PC and Mac computer stations are located throughout the Libraries. Most are low-height accessible. Please see the Raynor Library Services Desk with any questions.

Copiers/scanners/printers: If you require assistance with the Libraries’ copier/scanner/printer machines, please see the staff at the Raynor Library Services Desk.

Microform readers/printers: Please see our staff at the Raynor Library Services Desk (Raynor first floor) for assistance with microform readers/printers.

Quiet Study Spaces

Many quiet study spaces are available around both Raynor and Memorial Libraries.

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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Fire alarms in both Raynor and Memorial are equipped with strobe lights for hearing-impaired patrons.

Any user with restricted mobility is urged to register at the Visitor Desk upon entering either library. In the event of an emergency, trained staff from the Marquette University Police Department will then be able to assist such users from the building in a timely manner.

In any emergency, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.

Additional Campus Resources

See the Resources web page maintained by the Office of Disability Resources for additional information on assistive services at Marquette.


Raynor Memorial Libraries

  • Library Services Desk: 414-288-7555

Office of Disability Services
Heidi Potrykus
Director, Office of Disability Services
Office of Disability Services
707 Building, 503

Marquette Police Department
General Assistance: 414-288-6800
Emergencies: 414-288-1911

Parking Office
Main: 414-288-6911