Communicable Disease and OSHA Policies

OSHA policy

All athletic training students must complete OSHA training yearly at the beginning of each academic year. Documentation of your successful completion of this training is maintained in your student folder. Failure to complete the required training will result in removal from the clinical environment and the clinical portion of your proficiency courses, which may result in failure of the proficiency course and subsequent academic probation or dismissal proceedings.

Communicable disease policy

Students and staff are expected to notify sites and not report to their clinical assignments if they are sick, to avoid exposure of other students, staff, or athletes/clients to communicable disease. The Marquette University Medical Clinic is available to all enrolled students for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. In the event of referral for more serious illness, the Medical Clinic has relationships with hospital systems within the surrounding area. All services provided outside of the Medical Clinic are billed to the student’s insurance company.