Frequently Asked Questions

LIMO (Local Intercampus Mobile Operations)

When do LIMO's run?

Every day! Our LIMO's are on the road 365 days a year from 5pm to 3am.

How do I get a LIMO?

The LIMOs drive freely around campus while the Express units follow a set route around campus and stop for individuals flagging them down from the sidewalk. They are required to make stops at every LIMO Stop along their route, which includes every dorm and Raynor Library.

If you're on the sidewalk and see a LIMO, you can flag it down for a ride. Otherwise, you can call our dispatch number and request a LIMO at (414)288-6363.

How long do LIMO's take to get to me?

Our objective is to provide a safe, not speedy, service for all passengers. LIMO wait times are usually 1-10 minutes but can vary depending on many factors, such as weather, call volume, events on campus, and the number of employees in service.

What off-campus locations do LIMO's go to?

LIMO's currently service the Milwaukee Intermodal Station (Amtrak), Valley Fields, the Eleven25 at Pabst Apartments, and Marquette's Behavior Analysis Clinic.

Can any LIMO take me off-campus?

Yes, you should get on any LIMO that arrives but typically our white LIMO Express vans will handle off-campus transports.

What's the difference between the blue and white LIMO's?

Our white LIMO Express vans drive a set route throughout campus and handle more of our off-campus transports. Blue vans are not restricted to a set route. You should always get on whatever van shows up as both types will get you as close to your destination as possible.

What are the LIMO boundaries and Express routes?

LIMO's operate within these boundaries.

I forgot an item on a LIMO, what do I do?

Our drivers do interior checks of their van at the beginning and end of their shift to locate any items that may have been left behind. If we find your item, the latest it will be available for pickup will be at the end of our nightly operations at 3am.

Our policy requires us to turn in any found items to MUPD. If we've located your item, it will be available for pickup from them.

A LIMO driver is taking a long time to get to my destination. What's going on?

On busy nights especially, this is something that will be happening frequently. Our drivers are trained to pick up and drop off passengers on their way to other destinations to maximize efficiency and minimize wait times. Don't worry, though. Your driver may be taking a longer route to get to your destination but that's because they're multitasking to take care of other pick ups and drop offs too.

What is the LIMO Callback Policy?

If you've called for a LIMO Express or Safety Patrol escort and one hasn't shown up in 10 minutes, feel free to give us a call back to make sure its still on the way. It could be busy at the moment or you could have accidentally missed your service. Whatever the case, we'll make sure one gets to you.

Does calling multiple times make a LIMO get to me faster?

No. Our dispatcher treats a single call from a location the same as multiple calls from a location. LIMO's prioritize by location, not by the number of calls. Calling multiple times will only tie up our phone lines and make other people unable to get a ride.

Can I bring non-Marquette friends/family on a LIMO?

No. Due to COVID-19, only Marquette students, faculty, and staff are allowed on a LIMO of GoRiteWay bus. You will be required to wear a mask and show your Marquette COVID Check to get on a LIMO.

Can I bring alcohol on a LIMO?

Open containers of alcohol are never allowed in our vans. If the alcohol is sealed in its original store packaging, you may bring it on the LIMO. Kegs are not allowed in our vans.

Can I use a LIMO to help me move to my new apartment across campus?

LIMO's are intended to transport you safely, not to transport your belongings around campus.

How much training are LIMO drivers given?

Our program prides itself on being one of the most training intensive in the university. LIMO drivers go through a minimum of 30 hours of supervised training before being allowed to drive on their own. In that time, multiple tests and knowledge checks are given to ensure we are only putting the most qualified individuals on the road.


Support Services

What kind of work does Support Services do?

Support Services are responsible for transports during the day and helping to maintain all MUPD and Campus Safety vehicles. Some tasks include:

  • Weekly fluid and oil checks on all department vehicles
  • Performing interior cleaning and exterior washing on all department vehicles
  • Taking department vehicles to service locations for maintenance and repair
  • Providing pre-arranged special and medical transports for Marquette affiliates from 8am to 5pm
  • Providing transports to and from the Amtrak station every Friday on the hour starting at 10am until 5pm

What times do Support Services employees work?

Support Services is a daytime operation that runs from 8am to 5pm. Shifts are shorter and are scheduled around your classes to work with you as much as possible.

Do I need previous experience for this job?

No previous experience is required for this position. All the knowledge you need is provided through on-the-job training. A valid driver's license is required for the occasional driving you will do.

Will I get to work on MUPD squad cars too?

Yes! Support Services maintains all MUPD and Campus Safety vehicles.

How extensive is the maintenance performed on these vehicles?

Long and complex maintenance or repairs is not performed in-house and is handled by many different vendors across the Milwaukee area. Simple maintenance and repairs are completed by Support Services employees.

Is Support Services right for me?

If you prefer working daytime hours and want to help keep one of Marquette's most vital programs running smoothly and safely then Support Services is for you!