EagleExpress Rider Regulations and Policies

EagleExpress is a university safety service, not a personal taxi. The goal is to increase safety on campus by providing free, safe rides for the Marquette community. Riders agree to these policies when they request a ride. The university reserves the right to deny a ride if these policies are not being honored. Please read all policies.  


  1. EagleExpress vans may pick up other riders while you are en route on your trip.
  2. We allow a maximum of four students from the same booking in one vehicle.
  3. Before boarding the van, students are required to show their MUID.
  4. You may not eat or drink in the vehicle.
  5. You may not have an open container of alcohol on an EagleExpress van. If alcohol is sealed in its original store packaging, you may bring it with you. Kegs are never allowed.
  6. EagleExpress may not be used to move personal items from one residence to another.
  7. All rides are dispatched on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no advanced reservations.
  8. EagleExpress doesn't allow scheduled destinations to be changed after being picked up.
  9. The service will not transport you beyond our campus boundaries except for the two off-campus locations noted in the service map.
  10. If there are excessive wait times (more than 30 minutes) EagleExpress will not schedule new rides until demand changes.
  11. You must be on time for your pickup. Other passengers are waiting so your van cannot wait more than two minutes.
  12. The university reserves the right to refuse service in situations that place our drivers or other passengers in danger. Examples of this may include intoxicated, disorderly or abusive passengers.
  13. Any passenger who vomits in an EagleExpress vehicle will be fined $100 to cover the cost of cleaning it.
  14. EagleExpress is not a medical transport. If you need an ambulance, please call 9-1-1 right away.