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Marquette University Catholic Education Leadership Institute

What we do

The Institute for Catholic Leadership applies our Catholic heritage to expand the vision and effectiveness of Catholic institutions by engaging leaders in personal and professional development.

Services offered

  • We assist Catholic institutions locally, regionally and nationally in strengthening their missions, Catholic identity; leadership and governance structures; and pathways toward excellence and operational vitality.

  • We interpret and apply research, best practices and innovative strategies within the context of Catholic institutions to ensure their continued growth, development and fidelity to mission.
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  • We provide a channel through which Marquette faculty, administrators and staff can share their expertise with Catholic institutions.

  • We support and provide training and consultative services to Catholic leaders through large-scale conferences, targeted workshops and individualized consultative experiences.

  • We recruit and develop the next generation of Catholic leaders to enhance the leadership skills of current Catholic institutional personnel.

  • We develop a research base for Catholic leaders by providing opportunities for empirical and theoretical research, enhancing the effectiveness of Catholic institutions and the integration of religious mission and practical knowledge.

  • We participate in local, regional and national efforts with other Catholic institutions of higher learning — the Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium, Catholic Higher Education Supporting Catholic Schools and the Department of Chief Administrators of Catholic Education — to support Catholic schools.



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  • Mission and vision

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  • Catholic education resources

    —  Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium
  • Milwaukee Archdiocese
    — Serving Milwaukee County parishes, schools and institutions
  • NCEA
    — National Catholic Educational Association
  • ACCU
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