Catholic and Jesuit

The dream of Milwaukee’s first Archbishop, Rev. John Martin Henni, to establish a Catholic, Jesuit College in Milwaukee was fulfilled in 1881 when Marquette College opened its doors to students. Today Marquette University continues the tradition of Catholic, Jesuit education by inviting students to grow in mind, heart and spirit. Our goal is to graduate students who are transformed by their education and who will transform the world in which they live — who will, in a phrase, become women and men for and with others.  

Marquette’s focus on the four core university values of excellence, faith, leadership and service challenges students to integrate knowledge, faith and real-life choices in ways that will shape their lives.

Faith and spirituality affect the way teaching, learning, research and living take place on campus. Students, faculty and staff of every religious tradition are invited to engage in conversations about faith, God, social justice, the search for truth, the desire for peace, global issues, ethics and the dignity of humanity. A Catholic and Jesuit education at Marquette is marked by the active intersection of the Gospel with culture and the intellect, as well as a deep commitment to the well-being of the whole human family.  

Catholic and Jesuit at Marquette

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