Meet Our Staff

The Counseling Center staff is committed to promoting and affirming diversity, equity, and inclusion in its broadest sense. All students can access our services with the expectation of respect and support. We are a group of seasoned, interdisciplinary, multiculturally proficient professionals who are committed and actively engaged in the growth and development of compassionate mental health counseling, outreach, and training. We are mental health professionals experienced in working with a variety of mental health concerns common within a university setting. 


Brenda Lenz

Brenda Lenz, Licensed Professional Counselor - Director

Brenda is a licensed professional counselor and certified substance abuse counselor and serves as the Director of the Counseling Center. She has been at the MU Counseling Center for 20 years and a practicing therapist for close to 30 years. As a therapist, she has a special interest in working with students who struggle with more complex mental health issues and those with co-occurring substance use concerns. She uses a combination of motivational and strength based interventions, grounded in a multicultural framework, to help students resolve their concerns and live their lives to their fullest potential. As an administrator, her commitment is to the delivery of evidenced based, culturally and trauma informed services for students and is committed to fostering a welcoming, inclusive and safe space that allows all students to find support and assistance with a broad range of mental health concerns. 


Dominique Balderas

Dominique Balderas, Licensed Professional Counselor - IT, Coordinator of AOD Support Services

I joined the staff of the Marquette University Counseling Center (MUCC) in October of 2022 as the AOD Counselor/Coordinator. Prior to my position at the MUCC, I have spent the entirety of my career working with individuals who struggle with co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns, at multiple levels of care. Addiction is my passion! I, myself, am in recovery and it is a huge part of who I am. With a master’s in professional counseling from Mount Mary University, I am able to do what I love. I’m originally from Milwaukee but I currently live in Waukesha with my two children and four cats. When I’m not keeping busy with work, you can find me listening to audiobooks or bingeing true crime shows. Since joining the team at the MUCC, the most rewarding part of my role has been seeing growth in the students that I get the privilege of working with, followed closely by connecting with the amazing staff.


Jodi Blahnik

Dr. Jodi Blahnik, Licensed Psychologist - Assistant Director

I was drawn to the mental health field as I have always had interest in assisting others to create meaningful change and live the lives they want to live. I love my job as a psychologist and deeply enjoy working with college students. College can be such a challenging and transformative time and it has been a privilege to play a role in the growth and development of students from a wide array of identities and backgrounds. In addition to clinical work, I oversee our center's training program and am passionate about training future psychologists. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the city with family and flexing my DIY muscles while perpetually renovating my 150-year-old house! 


Debbie Contreras-Tadych

Dr. Deborah Contreras-Tadych, Licensed Psychologist - Coordinator for Underrepresented Students 

I have chosen a career in mental health because I love seeing the resilience and strength in people. I enjoy working in college counseling because young adulthood is such a developmentally important and transformative time in the lives of individuals. My coordination area is working with underrepresented student groups -- first gen students, students of color, students who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, international students, etc. I am bilingual Spanish-speaking and am able to provide therapy in both English and Spanish. I am from the south side of Milwaukee and am a three-time Marquette graduate! 


Emily Drenovsky

Emily Drenovsky, Licensed Professional Counselor – Coordinator for Mental Health Advocacy and Outreach

I hold Bachelor of Arts degrees from Saint Louis University and a Master of Science in Art Therapy with a Concentration in Counseling from Mount Mary University. I am licensed as an art therapist, professional counselor, and substance use counselor in-training. My approach to the therapeutic relationship is creative, strengths-based, non-judgmental, and collaborative. I am passionate about working with college students as they navigate the pressures of an ever-changing world. In my coordination role, I collaborate with members of the MU community to promote mental health advocacy and coordinate outreach events for the Counseling Center. Outside of work, I love exploring the amazing art, music, and food that Milwaukee has to offer.  


Judy Evenson

Judy Evenson, Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Psychiatry Services

I am an advanced practice psychiatric practitioner from The Medical College of Wisconsin providing psychiatric assessment and psycho-pharmacologic services at the Counseling Center. I have a special interest in working with college students as they adjust to and navigate college life. My treatment philosophy utilizes a patient-centered, collaborative, and evidence-based approach. During my free time I enjoy visiting my family and grandchildren in Kansas and hiking along the Ice Age trails with my husband. 


Marie Humes

Marie Humes, MA, LPC-IT (she/her/hers) - Counselor/Coordinator for Black/African American Student Services

What brought me to the mental health field was the love of learning about why people do what they do and being able to provide that insight to my clients. We often navigate this world with a limited understanding that our lived experiences shape our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives. I enjoy empowering folks with the tools and information that make life manageable and enjoyable. I have worked on college campuses in various roles throughout my career. I love working with college folks as they face challenges during this transformative time in their lives (regardless of age). In addition to being a counselor at the MUCC, I’m the Coordinator for Black Student Services, providing outreach to the MU community and destigmatizing mental wellness in Black and Brown communities. My passion is to reframe the idea that going to therapy is a weakness, but rather a compassionate insight into oneself and a radical act of self-love. In my free time, I try to be as adventurous as I can such as traveling, skydiving, rock climbing, etc! 


Marisela Lopez

Dr. Marisela López, Licensed Psychologist

I am passionate about addressing cultural variables such as race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender and spiritual beliefs in therapy and working with students to address the intersection of these identities in therapy. Outside of individual counseling I am part of the University Committee on Equity and Inclusion and part of the Counseling Center's training team. I grew up in Florida and love theme parks. 



Laura Lubbers

Dr. Laura Lubbers, Licensed Professional Counselor - Groups and Career Counseling Coordinator 

I was drawn to the mental health field because I believe that everyone should have access to high quality mental health care. It is an honor in my role as a psychologist to provide a safe, trusting and empowering space for people to express themselves openly without fear of judgment. It is a privilege to sit with students, and help them develop new skills and strengths, and make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Outside of individual counseling I am responsible for coordinating our group therapy program, as well as our career counseling efforts. Outside of MU I enjoy adventuring with family and friends, listening to podcasts, and dabbling in interior design. 


Tim Rabolt

Tim Rabolt, Manager, Collegiate Recovery Program & Outreach

I am here at Marquette to build a community for students in recovery from substance use concerns. Having gotten sober at 18 during my senior year of high school, I know what it's like to go through college as a person in recovery. Aside from my work at Marquette, I work in communications for JBS International, a public-health research and consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area. Prior to JBS, I spent about 5 years leading the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, a nonprofit membership organization representing collegiate recovery programs across the country. I received by Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters of Arts in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I moved here with my wife, Kelly, and our toddler, Nina in December of 2023 and we currently live on the Lower East Side. In my free time I love hanging out with others in recovery (especially playing basketball or other sports), watching the Eagles/Sixers/Phillies, and getting to experience new food or travel destinations. 


Melissa Schneider

Melissa Schneider, Licensed Professional Counselor - Coordinator of Eating Disorder Treatment Services 

I was drawn to the Counseling Center, as I really enjoy working with the college age population using a multi-cultural lens to address a diverse array of personal challenges. It is a joy to be able to assist and empower students to make meaningful changes in their lives. In my coordination role at the Counseling Center, I facilitate the interdisciplinary Eating Disorder Treatment Team meetings with the Marquette Medical Clinic, and I coordinate programming and outreach for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week on campus. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being physically active and outside, traveling, thrift store shopping and watching a good TV show or movie. 


kentrell washington headshot

Kentrell Washington, Advanced Practice Social Worker- Coordinator for  Underrepresented Students 

My interest in the mental health field is rooted in the idea of healing marginalized communities.  Living as a person with identities that are confronted with marginalization and seeing the impact of systems on marginalized communities has driven me to be passionate about such healing.  My focus with clients will always incorporate finding and connecting with their community and themselves. Through communities we not only heal but we create a space for ongoing care.  Helping students find community and healing at MU while undergoing the stressors of school, anxiety, separation from home, depression, finding new friends, relationships, being in a new environment and many other things they may face is extremely important. My coordination area is working with underrepresented student groups -- first gen students, students of color, students who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, international students, etc.  Other things about me; I am a writer, a nerd (comics, manga and video games and more), a donut lover, and many other things.


Danni Ewing:Post-Doctorate Fellow 

I love working with college students and emerging adults as they work to navigate life, relationships, and the future. I especially enjoy working with clients around identity, relationships, self-care, gender, and sexuality. I work with clients from a humanistic lens to help you achieve your goals and build the skills you need to live the life you want. In my free time I enjoy listening to podcasts, drawing comics, and playing with my two cats: Kiki and Mars. 



In addition to our full-time staff, advanced doctoral students also provide counseling services as part of their practicum training. Practicum students are closely supervised by senior counseling staff.

Madeline Glawe - Practicum Student

I am currently in my third year of my Counseling Psychology PhD program here at Marquette. I chose to pursue a career in the field of mental health because I am passionate about empowering people to feel more in control of navigating life’s challenges and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves along the way. In therapy, I aim to create a safe, judgement-free space where students can express themselves and build the coping skills needed to handle the pressures of college while living a gratifying and meaningful life. It is important to me that the students I work with feel heard and respected as they share unique aspects of their background and identities. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, cooking, and trying to keep my plants alive. 

Lina Zhu- Practicum Student 

I am currently a third-year doctoral student in the counseling psychology program at UW-Milwaukee. I am drawn to the mental health field because I believe individuals are more than the difficulty they are experiencing and the power of mind and healing. I prioritize meeting clients where they are and creating a safe and trusting environment in the therapy room. My approach to therapy is collaborative, relational, and strength-based. I am multilingual in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, hiking, biking, and spending quality time with friends and family.