What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - also commonly known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - is a brain based disorder that affects 3-5% of people around the world.


The most common symptoms of ADHD are:


Almost everyone has difficulty with concentration, focus, or organization from time to time. In individuals with ADHD, these difficulties are more frequent and severe when compared to their peers and can interfere with academic achievement, self-esteem, and relationships.


How do I know if I have ADHD?


Concentration difficulties are present for a variety of mental and physical health concerns.  For this reason, it is often difficult to determine if attention difficulties are attributed to ADHD by interview alone.  The best practice for diagnosing ADHD includes a thorough diagnostic interview, comprehensive review of developmental history, and psychological testing.

If you have questions regarding attention concerns, the Counseling Center can offer a brief screening for ADHD to make recommendations as to whether a student should pursue a more formal evaluation and/or psychological testing for ADHD in the community.


How can counseling help with attention concerns?


Regardless of whether you ADHD or not, counseling can be beneficial in helping students manage the behaviors and thoughts processes that are negative affected by attention concerns.  Counseling may include strategies to enhance time-management, organization, planning, problem-solving, impulse control, self-esteem and interpersonal skills.


Can I get medication for ADHD?


The Counseling Center can provide referrals to outside providers for those who students who are interested in ADHD medication.