Daytime Crisis Contact with Counseling Center:

During this time of campus shut down, the MUCC has a counselor available to respond to student crises during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm.  Please call the MUCC at 414-288-7172 and you will be put in touch with a counselor who will help you determine a course of action to get your mental health needs met.


After-hours Phone Calls:


You may call and leave a message at the MUCC by calling our regular phone number 414-288-7172. Alternatively, if you are in crisis after-hours, you can contact the Marquette University Police Department (MUPD), who will put you through to a counselor who works at the MUCC. The after-hours counselor will help identify the problem, assess for safety, and help the caller make a plan. You can contact MUPD by calling 414-288-6800.

Safety Concerns:


If you are worried about the safety of a fellow student for any reason (e.g. suicide, homicide, intoxicated, etc.), please call MUPD at 414-288-6800. MUPD can provide safe transportation to Aurora Sinai Hospital, if necessary. If you are off-campus, call 911 or go to your local ER.