Expectations for an Evaluation of an Eating Disorder

Many people are nervous when they come to the Counseling Center for the first time, especially individuals with eating problems. To help alleviate some of this anxiety, we felt it would be helpful if you knew what you could expect during your appointments at the Center. Everyone's situation is unique, so please consider this only a rough outline.

  1. Many of the steps in evaluating eating problems are similar to the procedure we use in evaluating other mental health concerns. Please see our first appointment description for the details.
  2. Evaluating an eating problem can be complex due to the combination of psychological, physiological, and nutritional factors that might be present. Thus, you might be asked to see additional professionals at the MU Medical Center to ensure your safety and give you the best chance for recovery. The professionals we often recommend clients work with are Dr. Brown and dietitians, Tracy Betz and Colleen Erdmann.


    *A physician will do some basic physical assessments and blood work to make sure an eating problem has not compromised your health.

  3. *A dietician will help you develop and follow through with a meal plan designed to meet treatment goals.

  4. We might have you complete a paper and pencil assessment to help us understand the nature and severity of your eating problem.
  5. We might recommend continued treatment after your experience at the Counseling Center has been completed. If you agree this would be helpful, your counselor can help you coordinate those services.
  6. Some clients have such significant eating problems, we do not feel they are appropriate to be treated at the Counseling Center or the Medical Clinic. In those situations, we recommend immediate referral to community providers or hospitals. Your counselor can help you coordinate those services.


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