While we will be primarily serving our students who desire therapy through 1:1 sessions, the group programming will look a little different this fall.  We are going to offer virtual workshops this semester!  Our workshops are designed to offer support, discussion, and coping around various topics related to being a college student.  These workshops are open to the campus community and you can enroll by contacting the Counseling Center.


Our first series is a “managing transitions workshop” designed to assist you with adjusting to college, managing changes, and coping with COVID-19.  Be sure to check our website and social media pages regularly as we continue to roll out new workshop offerings to meet your needs.


Managing Transitions

Transitions and change are difficult.  From adjusting to college, to coping with the numerous changes as a result of COVID-19 these things can contribute to stress, and have impact on our mental health.  Learning to adapt to these changes, build resilience, and cope is essential to your ability to thrive here on campus.  Please join members of the Counseling Center staff in a virtual workshop designed to provide you with tips to help you manage the transitions you are faced with presently.  In this workshop you will have a chance to connect with fellow students who are going through the same thing, and learn helpful ways to cope. 


These Virtual Workshops are conducted via Microsoft Teams through a private link.  Please see our website for a listing of the days and times and contact our office at

414 288 7172 if you would like to sign up! We hope you join us!


Processing Spaces: In Quarantine or Isolation

If you are a student who is in quarantine or isolation and in need of emotional support, please consider joining us and other students who are also looking to get support and review coping skills. Meetings will be via a private Teams link.




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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is dedicated to promoting the psychological health of students at Marquette University. We offer mental health services to be able to respond to the emotional and career exploration needs of undergraduate, graduate and professional college students, and the prevention resources to reinforce healthy development.