The student-led Cyber Security Club is associated with the university Office of Engagement and Inclusion. While new on campus it is gaining momentum. The purpose of this organization is to further member’s knowledge of popular cyber security concepts and help foster a constructive environment on Marquette’s campus for internet safety. This will include events both within the club, for the club, and events hosted by the club for members outside of the club. This would be most feasible with ten to thirty active members, but still possible with more or less. The inner club events may include hackathons (programming and ideation competitions), capture the flag (server brute forcing competitions), and general discussion about, but not limited to, any news or concepts relevant to the field of, or fields related to, cyber security. The outreach events may include bringing in speakers from the field and hosting seminars on general computer safety.

The faculty contact and mentor for this organization is Assistant Professor Debbie Perouli.


If you are interested in understanding more about a career in cybersecurity and the growing demand for professionals, there is an interactive Heat Map utility that has been created. Visit


There is a public service organization, Cybersecurity guide, that is organized and run by a distributed team of professionals that build and publish educational resources on the web. Students can find information about careers, educational programs and certifications at their website.