ETL - Qualtrics - Users (SQL Agent Job)

Last Updated 5/24/2021

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Troubleshooting Notes


The SQL Agent Job for Qualtrics Users adds and removes users from the Qualtrics tool so they can see dashboards.

The primary purpose of this job is to load users into the Qualtrics users module so they can access dashboards.  This includes medical clinic and IT Services TechSquad staff who need to monitor cases and retake links.


SQL Agent Job in the dataMarq data warehouse. It runs the qx_load_users package in the solution ETL-Qualtrics.


The jobs runs on the schedule bleow (full dataMarq schedule)

ETL - Qualtrics Users - Everyday at 2am

Job Details:

STEP 1: Execute Load Users Package

This  step runs the qx_load_users package in the ETL-Qualtrics project which is detailed in another document. For notes on this package see the documentation for the ETL-Qualtrics project.

Change Log:

Date Developer Change Record
5/24/2021 N/A Initial Documentation

Troubleshooting Notes:

  1. Intermittent Failure on Qualtrics Users Load

    Occassionally the integration with Qualtrics will fail due to a connection error or a timeout on the Qualtrics side.  We use the API to interact with Qualtrics and they sometimes throttle the connection.  If there are more than two consecutive failures in this job it is usually something on our end, not the Qualtrics. But an occassional faillure is to be expected.