dataMarq FAQ

Use the links below to answer frequently asked questions about dataMarq and the report catalog.

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What is dataMarq?

The dataMarq website is designed to enhance and facilitate the use of data and analytics at Marquette.

The heart of the dataMarq site is a user-friendly report catalog that makes it much easier to find various reports from departments across campus. While not every single reporting source available on campus is currently listed as of the site’s release, the intention is for the site to grow in scale and functionality.  The goal is for appropriate data to be available and easily accessible for the Marquette community, and this goal is the primary mission of the dataMarq effort.

What reports are included?

Departments across campus have curated a list of reports that should be displayed on the report catalog.  This is not a comprehensive list of all reporting available on campus, but an easy-to-use repository for frequently reports that are accessed. One of the primary goals is to limit the need for data users to visit multiple different sites/tools to access the information they need.

What reports can I access?

The dataMarq catalog contains both restricted and unrestricted reports. Unrestricted reports - such as OIRA's official statistics - are available to all users.  Restricted reports have had their access limited to select users. Reports owners determine who has access.

Some reports also have what is known as row-level security.  This means you may be able to access the report and view data, but you will not be able to see data for the whole university. This is usually designed to allow college/departments/advisors see just their area or individual students' data. 

To see more on security groups, use the two reports below:

What training is available?

The dataMarq team provides personalized and group training regularly throughout the academic year and also on an as needed basis.  

Some self service resources are also available:

How do I request access to a report?

Access to reports is determined by the report owners as they deem necessary. Each restricted report has a link to the list of users who have access to the report to see the population who has been granted access and whether you may fit in that group.


How do I get one of my reports listed?

Requests to add new reports will always be considered by the dataMarq core team and are encouraged where appropriate. To have a report listed, it must be accessible through the internet and the appropriate metadata must be provided.

The contact page can be used to send requests.