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Day Time Failure Text   Day Time   Day Time
Data Load ETL-Athletics Points Runs the procs that build the points tables- dependent on UA staging load Everyday 2:00 AM     Everyday 2:00 AM   Everyday 12:00 AM
Data Load ETL-Athletic Performance - Full Runs the python jobs and procs that populate the athletics performance data (flat files, catapult api, etc.) Everday 3:00 AM     Everday 3:00 AM      
Data Load ETL-Athletic Performance - Inc Runs the python jobs and procs that populate the athletics performance data (flat files, catapult api, etc.) Everyday Every 20 mins (6am-8pm)              
Data Load ETL-dataMarq - Master Application Incremental Application table load from PeopleSoft, refresh dataMarq tables, refresh of application summary table Everyday 6:20 AM Y   Everyday 6:00 AM      
Data Load ETL-Axium-Full Full Load of data from Axium         Every Saturday 2:00 AM   Every Saturday 3:00 AM
Data Load ETL-Axium-Incremental Incremental load of data from Axium Everyday 4:00 AM Y   Everyday 5:00 AM      
Data Load ETL-BI Portal Loads reports data to dataMarq catalog Everday Every 4 hours -            
Data Load ETL-BI-Reports Stage Reports from PBIRS and Tableau for Portal and Perms Everyday 8:00 PM -   Every Saturday  5:00 PM      
Data Load ETL-BI-Users Load AD Users and Groups to dataMarq (sync Tableau only in PRD) Everyday 12:30 PM, 8:30 PM Y   Every Saturday 5:00 PM      
Data Load ETL-BlackBoard - Incremental Incremental refresh of Blackboard Everyday Hourly Y   Everyday 5:00 PM      
Data Load ETL-Ccure Incremental refresh of Ccure Everyday 8:00 PM Y            
Data Load ETL-CovidCheq Full/Inc Loads COVID data and sends COVID list to Qualtrics also runs lots of OIRA procs to populate dashboards Everyday Every 1 hr -   Everyday Every 1 hr      
Data Load ETL-D2L - Full Load data from d2l and run procs Monday 1:00 AM Y    Monday 1:00 AM      
Data Load ETL-D2L - Incremental Load data from d2l and run procs Everday w/o Mon 1:00 AM Y   Everday w/o Mon 1:00 AM      
Data Load ETL-dataMarq-Full Full refresh of dataMarq Every Friday 9:00 PM Y   Every Friday 11:00 PM   Everyday 9:00 PM
Data Load ETL-dataMarq-Incremental Incremental daily refresh of dataMarq Everyday w/o Fri 9:00 PM Y   Everyday w/o Fri 11:00 PM      
Integration ETL-Emma Populates the Emma email tool for OMC with DL list info Everday 3:00 AM Y            
Data Load ETL-Medicat Load data from medicat Everyday 1:00 AM Y            
Data Load ETL-MJDW Full refresh MyJob DW Everyday 11:00 PM Y   Everyday 1:00 AM   Everyday 11:00 PM
Data Load ETL-ProjectOnline Load data from ProjectOnline to On-Prem Everyday 8am-12-4-8-12-4am -   Every Saturday 5:00 PM   1st/3rd Sat 1:00 AM
Data Load ETL-Qualtrics Surveys - Daily Load qualtrics COVID survey data Everyday Every 20 mins Y   Everyday 1 hr      
Data Load ETL-Qualtrics Users Loads user list to Qualtrics dashboards Everyday 2:00 AM              
Data Load ETL-RHMS Load data from rhms Everyday 2:00 AM Y            
Data Load ETL-Uniflow Load data from Uniflow Everyday 4:00 AM Y            
Integration ETL-BI-Integrations-Handshake Load from PS data to Career Services tool Sunday 12pm -            
Integration ETL-BI-Integrations-Interfase Load data from JobConnection to dataMarq to MyJob Everyday 5:00 PM Y            
Integration ETL-BI-Integrations-Retain Load from PS data to Career Services tool Everday 6am -            
Operational BI-Ops - DDL-Backup Backup of DDLs Everyday 10:45 PM -   Everyday 10:30 PM   Everyday 10:15 PM
Operational BI-Ops - PBIRS Backup Backup of PBIRS Everyday 11:30 PM -   Everyday 11:00 PM      
Operational BI-Ops - PBIRS Stats PBIRS Execution Logs Everyday 7:00 AM -   Everyday 7:00 AM