Data Warehouse Documentation

The links below provide detailed resources on the development standards and packages/jobs that exist in the dataMarq Data Warehouse.


SQL Coding Standards

Naming Conventions


Data Staging Packages

Athletics Staging (ETL-Athletics)

Axium Staging (DS-Axium)

Blackboard Staging (DS-Blackboard)

CCURE Staging (DS-CCure)

D2L Staging (ETL-D2L)

Flat Files Staging (DS-FlatFiles)

Interfase Staging (DS-Interfase)

Marqit Staging (DS-UACRM)

Medicat Staging (DS-Medicat)

MyJob Staging (DS-MyJob)

PeopleSoft Staging (DS-Peoplesoft)

Project Online Staging (DS-ProjectOnline)

Qualtrics Staging (ETL-Qualtrics)

RHMS Staging (DS-RHMS)

Uniflow Staging (DS-Uniflow)

Data Orchestration Packages

dataMarq Master Stage (ETL-dataMarq)

dataMarq Master (ETL-dataMarq)

Master Application (ETL-dataMarq)

Integration Packages

Covid Cheq (DW-CovidCheq)

Handshake (DW-Handshake)

Interfase (DW-Interfase)

PeopleGrove (DW-PeopleGrove)

Retain (DW-Retain)

Operational Packages

Database DDL Backup (DDL-Backup)

Reports and Portal Load (ETL-BI-Reports)

BI Users Stage and Sync (ETL-BI-Users)

PBIRS Stats (PBIRS-Stats)

PBIRS Backup (PBIRS-Backup)

Scheduled Jobs

BI-Ops - DDL-Backup - PRD

BI-Ops - ExecutionLogs

BI-Ops - PBIRS Stats Load

BI-Ops - PBIRS-Backup - PRD

ETL - Athletic Performance

ETL - Athletic Points

ETL - Axium

ETL - BI-Integration - CovidCheq

ETL - BI-Integration - DemFiles

ETL - BI-Integration - Handshake

ETL - BI-Integration - Interfase

ETL - BI-Integration - PeopleGrove

ETL - BI-Integration - Retain

ETL - BI-Portal

ETL - BI-Reports

ETL - BI-Users

ETL - Blackboard - Incremental

ETL - Ccure

ETL - D2L - Full / Incremental

ETL - dataMarq - Full / Incremental

ETL - dataMarq- Master Application Incremental

ETL - FlatFiles

ETL - Medicat


ETL - ProjectOnline

ETL - Qualtrics Contacts

ETL - Qualtrics Surveys - Daily / Full

ETL - Qualtrics Users


ETL - UA Load All

ETL - Uniflow