Student Impact

Current students and graduates of the E-Lead Program are making an impact in many ways 

The Excellence in Leadership (E-Lead) Program was created to prepare undergraduate students for the leadership and innovation challenges they would face in their professions, and industry partners are taking notice. Our program graduates go into the workplace with strong interpersonal skills such as demonstrating empathy, seeking constructive feedback from others, encouraging behaviors that foster healthy teams, and creating spaces where team members are comfortable sharing their perspectives. Alumni of the program aren’t just leading in their fields as engineers, lawyers, or nurses, but as people in their communities.



E-Lead Program Outcomes

The objectives of the three-year E-Lead program are to:

  • Educate and develop the leadership character, capacity and efficacy of outstanding undergraduate students who will be able to lead teams tasked with solving global problems.
  • Prepare leaders to inspire, engage and serve people and organizations who represent the full range of diversity across the human spectrum.
  • Develop leaders who are driven to address 21st century global challenges in order to create value and bring about positive change.



E-Lead Community Snapshot

  • First graduating class: 2016
  • Number of total program graduates: 172
  • Number of 2023 program graduates: 29



Alumni Support

After graduation, E-Lead alumni maintain an important role in the program through the following opportunities and resources.

  • Monthly alumni newsletter
  • Exclusive alumni network professional development workshops
  • Private alumni LinkedIn community
  • Ongoing opportunities to support current program students, such as Leader Shadow and professional experience host sites
  • Spirit of E-Lead Alumni Award