Business Analytics Major

Business analytics plays an integral and intermediary role between data scientists and senior management. This major is not purely theoretical. Students will have the chance to work with live, messy data-sets provided by industry partners and develop data-informed recommendations to those partners.

An environment of chaos studied.

Today, industry is awash with vast amounts of data from many sources, such as Big Data, Internet of Things and various types of structured and unstructured information. Organizations must utilize this data to improve their decision-making, create new revenue streams and become more effective with the use of their resources. While firms have hired data scientists and can run state of the art analytics, the insights are not easily translatable by senior management into actionable decisions.

Founded within industry.

The business analytics major is industry-driven, working with practitioners to develop new courses and content constantly. Students will be exposed to all aspects of business analytics, from data preparation, analytics and visualization to strategic analysis and communication within the management structure. Enjoy real-world problems and create active solutions within the classroom, and carry that into your internships!

The Business Analytics major must be taken as a second major. Any other business major is acceptable, and students are encouraged to complement the business analytics major with quantitative courses from their other major. Due to the prerequisites attached to the courses required for this major, students should begin major-specific course work during their sophomore year. 

Some of the classes you'll take:

  • Business Analytics 1: Data Definition, Preparation, Descriptive Analytics
  • Business Analytics 2: Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling
  • Business Analytics: Unstructured Data Analysis
  • Integrative Business Analytics

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in business analytics, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.