Enhance Your Studies

Looking to round out your academic program? Check out some of the unique ways Marquette students add to their studies.

Honors program

Each year we invite our most intellectually talented students to accept the challenge of the Honors Program. You and a small group of your classmates benefit from the attention and instruction of some of Marquette's finest professors, and the Honors Program directors work with you throughout your time at Marquette to help you assemble your curriculum. They'll act as your key resource and will challenge you to be more.

Honors website

Service Learning

Combine your classroom learning with practical and meaningful service learning opportunities. Advertising majors prepare campaigns for nonprofit agencies, real estate students work with community housing agencies, engineers tutor grade school students in problem-solving … you get the picture. The goal is to meet a community need while advancing your studies. It's one way we train our students to become women and men for others.

Service Learning website

The Les Aspin Center for Government

The Marquette University Les Aspin Center for Government gives you the opportunity to live, learn and work for a semester in the heart of our nation's capital. Offering one of the country's premier congressional internship programs, the center will help you learn how government works through specialized courses in public policy, foreign policy and interest-group politics. You'll also take an active role in political discourse by working as an intern or aide in Congress, the Department of State, the Secret Service or the White House, to name a few.

The Les Aspin Center for Government website

Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines — Marquette's tradition of excellence in preparing students in the ROTC is nationally known. One of the longest-running programs in the country, Marquette ranks seventh among national universities for percent of students who serve in ROTC, according to Washington Monthly. Not only will you benefit from a program deemed by the military to be among the nation's best, but you also will have the opportunity to compete for some serious scholarships that can cover nearly the entire cost of your Marquette tuition.

ROTC website

International education

Never in your life will you have more free time — and fewer responsibilities — than when you're in college. What better time to study abroad? OK, that may be a gross oversimplification, but we really believe that international studies is one of the most rewarding educational experiences a student can have. Living in another culture, meeting people of diverse backgrounds and possibly learning a new language stretches your mind in ways that no other experience can. As a Marquette student, you have access to programs around the world and resources that make studying and living abroad as easy as it gets. No matter where you go, Marquette will provide you with the advising and pre-departure services you'll need to get the most out of your experience.

International education website

Pre-professional studies

So you want to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist or pharmacist. Pre-professional studies define the intentions — not majors — of students who plan to attend a professional school after completing undergraduate work. Searching for and applying to professional school is a well-documented source of headaches for students. Consider the Office of Pre-professional Studies "academic aspirin." We'll provide academic advising, counseling and resources, and we'll manage your letters of recommendations for you. (We'll even pay the postage to send copies to the professional schools where you've applied.)

Pre-professional Studies website