Arabic Language and Culture Studies Minor

Arabic is one of the critical languages as labeled by the U.S. government and is one of the six official languages of the U.N. It is spoken in 22 countries (300 million people) and is the liturgical language for over one billion Muslims. The Arabic language studies and culture minor provides students with a practical and marketable command of the Arabic language as well as a cultural understanding, both important tools in today’s global world. Proficiency in the Arabic language and culture will equip students for careers in education, international business, law, nursing, social work, government and the armed forces.

The Arabic language and culture minor is fulfilled by successfully completing six courses with a minimum of 19 credit hours, excluding elementary ARBC 1001.

Required Courses:

  • Elementary Arabic 2
  • Intermediate Arabic 1
  • Intermediate Arabic 2
  • Writing Skill in Arabic

Elective Courses: Choose two courses from the following:

  • Conversational Skill in Arabic
  • Culture and Civilization of the Middle East
  • Arabic Literature in English Translation
  • Muslim and Arab Women in Diasporic Communities (variable topics)
  • Islam: Faith and Practice
  • Modern Middle East Since 1500
  • International Politics of the Middle East
  • Arabs and Muslims in Global Context

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in Arabic Language and Culture, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.