2023–24 Promotion and Tenure Committee


Dr. Gary Meyer, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (ex officio)

Dr. Heather Hathaway, Klingler College of Arts & Sciences / Humanities

Dr. Scott Reid, Klingler College of Arts & Sciences / Natural Sciences

Dr. Debra Oswald, Klingler College of Arts & Sciences / Social Sciences

Dr. Matteo Arena, College of Business Administration

Dr. Stephen Hudson-Mairet, Diederich College of Communication

Dr. Brian Hodgson, School of Dentistry

Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse, College of Education

Dr. Dan Zitomer, Opus College of Engineering

Dr. Robert Peoples, College of Health Sciences

Mr. Scott Idleman, Law School

Dr. Lisa Hanson, College of Nursing



The University Committee on Faculty Promotions and Tenure reports to the UAS on policy matters and to the provost regarding recommendations on promotion and tenure.


  1. Reviews and evaluates the proposal for promotion of regular faculty including recommendations of the faculty rank and tenure local committees (area, college, or school).
  2. Submits votes on promotion and tenure decisions, with a chair's summary of the confidential discussion provided to the provost.
  3. Conducts regular review and revision of the Statutes on Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure for approval by the University Academic Senate.
  4. Reviews new or revised departmental or college specific norms for congruence with university criteria.


The chairpersons of the faculty rank and tenure local committees are noted above. The senior vice provost for faculty affairs, or a substitute as designated by the provost, shall serve as chair and non-voting member.

Note: No candidate for promotion shall be entitled to appear before or participate in the deliberations of the committee.